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Sew Exciting!


Kreator’s call for creativity

By Trishna Buch

A request. An idea. A journey. A Kreation.
Kathy Neely is a woman of few words and many talents. From signs to sewing —there is no shortage to what she can do.
Her two biggest passions are her T-shirt quilts and yard signs. And while she already has orders coming in by the dozens, she is always open for more. Neely’s talents lie in turning her hobbies and small family business into a creative venture that will benefit the entire community.
Neely, below, told me that her journey into creating yard signs started 25 years ago when she, her husband and her father would make and sell yard figures for holidays. This business was put on hold when Neely and her husband decided to start a family, but it was through one of her daughters that she was able to reintroduce the project into her life. She told me that, a few years ago, her daughter joined her school’s drill team and with that, came the purchase of car stickers and yard signs.
“The yard sign was not very good quality,” she told me.
“And my husband looked at me and told me—Kathy, you can make a yard sign.”
Neely made a new and improved yard sign for her daughter and, before she knew it, the orders started pouring in.
“Her friends saw it, and they wanted some, so that got me going on making the signs,” she told me.
But Neely’s experience with yard signs goes way beyond the drill team. She makes soccer ball shaped signs for soccer players, megaphones for cheerleaders, football helmets for football players and so much more. She also enjoys making holiday and seasonal yard signs, for any event including Christmas, births and graduation.
“I’m open to doing any kind of yard sign,” she told me.
Neely wanted to point out that every new order for yard signs go at the back of the line. But if someone comes to her with the need for immediate yard signs, such as for graduations or birthdays, she will push those to the beginning of the list.
And Neely’s creative mind works double time, with the addition of her T-shirt quilt business. What is a T-shirt quilt, you may be wondering. It’s exactly as it sounds. Neely invites everyone to provide her with T-shirts of their choice and she uses her talents and genius to sew the shirts together, to create a beautiful quilt. She showed me two quilts that she had made for her daughter—one, which contained a set of Texas A&M shirts and the other which contained shirts from Texas Independent School District—and all I could think was, “wow”.
When I asked Neely how she found herself interested in making these quilts, she responded by telling me that sewing has always been a passion of hers.
“I learned sewing from my mother,” she told me.
“I used to sew all of clothes up until I started having kids and working full time
“But now I’m recently retired so I get to start sewing again,” she said.
Along with yard signs and quilts, Neely and her husband purchase dilapidated and foreclosed homes, spend their weekends fixing these homes up and then sell or rent them out to anyone interested.
Neely’s yard signs start at $50 while her T-shirt quilts start at $200. The signs take about two weeks to complete while the quilts take about three weeks. The creator, who worked in an insurance company for 26 years, has four children. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and working on cross stitch projects.
If anyone is interested in Neely’s creations, please call her at 832-279-0180 or email And if you’re interested in seeing some of her work, visit her Facebook page at Kathy’s Kreation.

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