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Hope is more than a four letter word


By Trishna Buch 

Angel Garza is a bright-eyed and passionate student at Texas City High School. I had the opportunity to sit down with him earlier this week and hear about the Christian club he was able to start at his place of study.
Garza told me that he found the inspiration to start this club when he attended a church camp over the summer and learnt about an organization known as Project 7 Clubs, which teaches students how to start Bible clubs on high school and middle school campuses.
“At the camp they were preaching and, after camp, they had a booth that said if you want to start a club at your school, sign up here.”
Garza’s curiosity drew him to the booth and he signed up for the club. He told me that, after signing up, he was given lessons on the lessons to include in his own club and gave him several resources and programs to use to teach in the high school.
“This is what gave me the influence to start.”
But staring the club at the school was not a simple task. He told me that it took him a month to get the club started at the school, stating that there was already a bible study club operating at the high school.
“They told us that we had to join them,” he said.
“But I was friends with the kid who was the leader of the other Bible study club and he had too much to do and didn’t have any back-up to support him and the club, so he gave me ownership of his club and I changed the name to P7.”
Garza told me that the club was started in the current 2016-2017 school year and that member numbers have been fluctuating throughout the year. While the club started out with 20 members, the numbers decreased to ten around December when the holidays came and students began joining sports, but—by April—the number was back up to about 15 students.
The club meets on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30pm. The club mainly consists of a prayer followed by a lesson.
“We also have guest speakers who come in sometimes, such as my youth pastor,” he told me.
Garza told me that he tries to advertise his club at the high school as much as possible; by passing out flyers during the school day. And while the club is only for Texas City high-school students, he did tell me that parents of current students are also invited to join or visit.
And the club members are also heavily involved in their community. He told me that, in December, the members visited a local retirement home, sang Christmas carols and gave a Bible lesson.
After graduating, Garza plans to attend Indiana Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana. His career goal is to become an Evangelist or a Pastor. Although currently a junior, he already has plans to pass the club on to a member when he graduates, and wants to see it grow and reach great heights.
“Our main objective is to get people from the darkness and show them to the light,” he said.
“We want to show them what the truth is and I want them to know that there is hope, no matter what they are going through
“I want them to know that there is a God who loves them.”

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