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Saturday ON 6th STREET


B & B Attic by Trishna Buch

I have been working at The Post and coming to Texas City for the past year. The first thing that catches my eye is the hometown feel of Sixth Street. It is difficult not to get drawn in by the various restaurants, stores and businesses that cover the street. It makes for a good location to work, enjoy a meal or browse for a gift. Texas City is one of those places I would bring my family to when we want to enjoy a day out.
One of the stores on Sixth Street is B & B’s Attic. It is a stone throw’s distance from The Post—which makes it a great place to visit when I need to take a break.
I stopped by the store last week and, upon entering, was met with several smiling faces. The ladies were chatting happily and were all too eager to direct me to Cathy Brown, who owns the store along with her mother, Mary Burns.
As they took me on a tour around the store—which is much bigger than it appears from the outside—I noticed the sheer amount of items they have on sale. Everything from bags to books to furniture and antiques, B & B’s Attic has it all. In fact, I joked with Brown that “it looks like the only thing you do not sell here is food.”
B & B’s Attic is a resale store. Brown told me that anyone who is interested in selling items can rent a space in the store and, provided that they pay their rent on the first of each month, can continue selling items for as long as they desire.
“They make the prices of their items and they are responsible for maintaining their space,” Brown said. She added that they also have to make sure everything is tagged.
She also told me that anyone is allowed to rent a space—as long as they are at least 18-years-old—and their space can be filled with any item, within reason. A 10 by 10 space costs $125 and if there are more people wanting to rent a space than there is space available, each person will go on to a waiting list.
So how do people find the items that they sell? Brown told me that the items are found at auctions and garage and estate sales.
Brown told me that she also likes to decorate the store for different holidays.
“Right now we’ve got spring,” she told me.
“Then, in a week or so, we’ll decorating for Memorial Day, followed by Fourth Of July and then Labor Day
“Come September we’ll have Fall decorations, followed by Thanksgiving and then Christmas.”
Brown also told me that, even though people are placed on a waiting list if there is no space for someone to rent out an area, she will not ask anyone to vacate their space.
“Once they’re here, they’re here,” she said. Pointing out a space in the room, she added: “They’ve been here for almost 10 or 11 years.”
B & B’s Attic has a very comforting feel to it, which speaks volumes of the women who run it. While I was looking around the store, I got the impression that everyone involved—from the two owners to the people who rent spaces—are like a family. In fact, Brown told me that some of the ladies who were sitting at the front of the store were some of the people who rented store space.
B & B’s Attic is open from Thursday to Saturday, from 11:00am to 5:00pm. And Brown said that they are trying to open the store on Wednesdays as well. One of the best aspects of the store is that they always place an American and Texas flag at the front of the store, when they are open. So if you happen to be driving through Sixth Street and see the flags out, I urge you to stop in.
B & B’s Attic has been open for 18 years and, in the next five years, the goal of Brown and Burns is to “make it better, get more stuff and update the building.”
And as I made my way out of the store, I was approached by one of the ladies at the store’s front, who showed me an intricate pen design that she had made, before telling me that she makes all of the jewelry she sells in her space.
Homemade items, collectibles, antiques, miscellaneous items and friendly people. That is what B & B’s Attic is all about and I hope all of you take a visit as soon as possible.

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