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School’s out, what’s next?


By Trishna Buch

Now that the summer is upon us, several graduating high-school and college students are wondering about how to spend the next few months. Summer, of course, is the perfect time to spend time with friends, enjoy the beautiful weather and spend a few months relaxing; especially after a long and grueling school year.
But first, a word of congratulations. We, at The Post, would like to recognize all of the students who are graduating this year and wish them the best for their future endeavors. However, the question that may be on many minds is: what are our future endeavors?

Smiling Graduate With Hire Me Sign
For high-school and college students the summer is a transition period. It is the time between one phase of life and the next; and the question on all graduates minds is “what do we do now?”
For college students, the answer is a lot more straightforward. Following graduation, these students will either spend their summers applying for jobs, spending time with friends that they may not have often seen, pursuing further education or travelling. Of course, there are several graduating college students who will be starting a new job as soon as they earn their diploma—meaning that their summer will go in working.
High-school graduates will be pursing similar activities to college students, but they are dealing with a lower amount of stress. While summer is important for college students, in deciding what to do next, high-school students know that they will, most likely, be going to college in the fall. So the question remains, should they spend their summer relaxing or working?
If any graduate—high-school or college—decides that they want to take up a summer job, for any reason, the financial advice website WalletHub’s study on the best and worst places for summer jobs comes at a perfect time.
The fact that Houston fell pretty low on the list, earning a rank of 120 out of 150, is not a discouraging factor. In fact, it’s a win because residents can use this opportunity to explore a new city while earning some money.
According to the WalletHub website, the three best cities to take up a summer job are Orlando in Florida, Scottsdale in Arizona and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The analysts calculated the cities based on two categories: “youth job market” and “social environment & affordability”. Each category was measured across 21 factors, such as summer job availability, internship availability, median income of part-time workers, minimum wage, access to public transportation, commuter-friendliness of jobs and more.
Several Texas cities fell on the list, so local graduates do not have to go far to find a job, if they prefer to stay close to home. Of the cities, Dallas came in 23rd and Austin came in 26th.
If you are really interested in finding a job, do not expect to have much luck in Fontana, California, Hialeah, Florida or Moreno Valley, California—as they were ranked the three worst places to earn a summer job, according to WalletHub. For a more detailed look at the study, go online to

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