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This ‘n’ That by Nicky De Lange

School is officially out for the summer. For younger kids, this is cause to celebrate. No homework, no papers to write, no tests to study for.
But while the 12 and under set see this as two and one-half months of freedom and fun, parents often dread it. The sentence, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!”is heard every day (sometimes every hour), by long suffering parents.
Kids in this age group can’t drive, so summer means a lot of chauffeuring them from one place to another. From the mall to the movie theater to the beach. From the skateboarding park to the swimming pool – it can seem endless.  I still remember those days, even though my son is now the parent of two little ones five and under.
This is a time when a parent would give anything just for an hour or two break. And today’s column will tell you where to get that. The solution is as close as your local public library. For Texas City residents, that’s right by the skateboarding park and the Nessler Family Swimming Park.
The Moore Memorial Public Library, 1701 9th Avenue (between City Hall and the football stadium), is offering a terrific variety of activities this summer, “Passport To Adventure” for children  from one to twelve years of age. They break the programs up into a variety of age groups,
For the really little kids, there is Toddlerific Storytime every Tuesday morning at 10 am. Participants must be between the ages of one-three years of age. For children three-five, there is Preschool Storytime at 10 am on Wednesdays. Five through eight year olds can enjoy Lego Free Build on Fridays at 10 am.
When you get to the six-nine year olds, the library offers an even more ambitious selection of activities including Rock Painting, Aztec Sun Stone Prints, String Art Shaving Cream Art & more. But wait . . we’re not through yet!
The lucky 10-12 year olds also get to learn to build an Water Filter, Squishy Circuits, Balloon Towers, 3D art and a bunch of other fun things to make and work with.

This is just a sample of what’s going on at our local library during June and July. Now to answer some obvious questions.
Do the programs cost money? No, they’re all free – no tickets or registration required.
How long are these programs? All of them last about one hour, except Lego Problem Solving, which lasts about one and one-half hours. Just come to the library the day of the program and meet at the Walter Holland Meeting Room by the Circulation Desk. Be on time; no one will be admitted after the program starts.
In addition to all these activities, the Library will also offer Summer Reading Clubs for children up to age twelve. Stop by the library and pick up a reading log. They will be available starting June 5. All logs must be turned in by August 12.
There’s a lot more detailed information at Moore Memorial Public Library. Stop in and find out more about this summer’s programs, get a detailed schedule of events and be ready to have fun. For library hours or more info, call 409-643-5983 or 409-643-5966.

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