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Home Sweet Home



People say Word of Mouth is the best advertising and truly, when you think about it, hearing about a positive experience from a friend or even an acquaintance will stick with you long after some commercial on tv or an ad on the radio. And the reason for that, experts tell us, is that an individual experience is 86% more credible than repetitive ads or catchy tunes played over and over.  The only problem is that most people prefer to share complaints over compliments. So imagine my surprise when all I could find anywhere or from anyone I spoke with, were comments like this:

“I love my Credit Union! I was oh-so-excited when AMOCO built one down the street from my house. I’ve been banking here since I moved to the area about 10 years ago. We financed our SUV through AMOCO FCU and received the best rate. It’s a great place to bank!”

“My husband and I just opened an account here and staff has always been very helpful and friendly. They always seem to have a smile on their face which is so rare nowadays.”

“After months of trying to deal with one of those online mortgage lenders, I finally went to my credit union and told them what I was trying to do. Before I knew it, I was preapproved for a home loan and one month later, I actually own my first home. They took the time to explain the whole process to me; they were right there every time I got nervous and on top of it all, my interest rate is way lower than I could get online!”

“I love AMOCO Credit Union. My wife and I have been doing our banking here for almost ten years! We live just down the street from the Tuscan Lakes Branch which makes it easy for us to take care of our banking needs. The main branch is in Texas City, but they have since opened branches in Dickinson, Santa Fe, and Friendswood. The people here are always so friendly and helpful. We finance our vehicles through them as they usually have the best rates and really help us through the buying process. They also do home loans and a lot of other stuff as well. They have online banking which makes it a lot easier to take care of paying bills. Just a really great place to do your banking business.”
These are the kinds of comments one gets when asking about Amoco Credit Union. From one end of The Mainland to the other, this not for profit gets high marks for ease of access, friendliness, and savings across the board. There are very real advantages to belonging to a local Credit Union, not the least of which is that you belong to a community of owners of a financial services institution. And as a part owner, you have a say as to how the credit union is run and even better than that, you share in the profits in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates and lower interest rates.
Amoco partners with SWBC Mortgage to offer FHA and VA loans, and a wide variety of in house loan products, meaning your loan that you worked so hard to get isn’t sold the day after you buy your house to who knows who. And your money stays local. As the world becomes increasingly more global patronizing local businesses is even more important to the community in which you live and work. In addition, you are forming a business relationship that will pay off for years to come.   Members who have been with Amoco for 10 or more years are afforded additional rate discounts; there are special programs designed for the entire family, to encourage savings, to help you find effective ways to give back to your community safely and conveniently. And of course, no member has ever lost a penny from accounts insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.
For a while, real estate agents would shy away from taking their buyers to a “bank” for loan approval because there was an impression that the process was much slower and more tedious. Not so, says Michelle Still, Real Estate Department Manager in Texas City, “With Dodd – Frank everything slowed down a little but now we can easily close in 30 to 45 days and we take special care to keep all parties well informed throughout the entire process; from preapproval to underwriting to processing to close. And even better, we often have rates available that are much lower than our competitors. So, when that Buyer is ready to sell a few years down the road, approval becomes so much easier because they have a track record with us. All in all, so much easier for the real estate agent and their buyer turned seller.”

“My 7-year old just opened her first savings account with Amoco and she was so excited! I guess it’s sort of a family tradition any more. You just feel like family with Amoco.”









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