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Breakfast With The Chief


Once a month, Chief Robert Burby hosts the West End Minister & Leaders Breakfast where Community leaders and citizens get together to discuss the State of the City and share what they might know about what is new on the horizon, what concerns they may have and not surprisingly, to network with one another. This was my first time to attend and I am looking forward to attending each month and reporting back to you, our readers, what I have learned.
Chief Burby began by stating the obvious – Most issues “start with family”. Reminding us that our officers only get “one bite of the proverbial apple” when gathering evidence and testimony, Chief Burby said understanding that as always, the real “heavy lifting” must be done at home. Parenting is the responsibility of the parents. And though his men and women often catch flak for it, they must proceed in a legal, ethical and moral manner in every situation. When an officer does not do what he or she should do, that officer will be called to account. It was 1993 when the infamous Rodney King scandal hit and to look at where we are almost 25 years later, is certainly an indicator that we still have work to do.
It was also announced announced that the department will be sponsoring the first “By the Bay Job Fair” to be held September 13th of this year. The purpose is to promote job opportunities for young people, unskilled workers, prior offenders and veterans. Gainful employment leads to feelings of self-esteem, personal responsibility and a sense of contributing to the well-being of one’s self and others. Businesses that would like to participate are encouraged to contact Corporal Herd.
The Citizens Police Academy is in full swing and will be available again next spring. The Explorer Program has now hired two of its participants who are now working at the City Jail as part of their mentor training. This program focuses on Texas City youth ages 14 to 21, giving them a positive alternative to negative influences and helping them develop the skills they will need to become valued, responsible, and productive adults.
They spoke about the Texas City’s Neighborhood Watch program, encouraging those who do not have an active program in their neighborhood to reach out for assistance from the Texas City Police Department  in building a robust program.
Assistant Chief Joe Stanton spoke briefly about working closely with the La Marque P.D. to create a safer environment for both cities by focusing on crimes associated with narcotics abuse.
Commissioner Phil Roberts explained that after eight years with no increases, the city is going to move to a three-tiered, sliding scale program which will increase the fees for water and sewer services based on the amount of water used. In the past, sales tax and property taxes were used to subsidize the costs not covered which the commissioners felt was unwise and unfair to those who do not use significant amounts of water and sewer services. Basically, normal use will see negligible increase, heavy use will see a noticeable increase and the heaviest users will see a significant increase. The changes should begin sometime in the next couple of months.
This is an open forum environment and those who would like to attend the August West End Minister and Leaders Meeting can RSVP to

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