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No Lie – Learning is Fun!


This N’ That by Nicky De Lange

What do you plan to do this fall? Even though most of us are no longer in school, it’s never too late to learn something new. The wonderful part of taking non-credit courses at the local junior college is that you can learn just for fun. No pressure, no panic attacks about exams. Just take advantage of the chance to expand your horizons while learning about something that piques your interest.
This came to my attention the other day when I received the Continuing Education Fall 2017 Schedule from College of the Mainland (which will be referred to for the rest of this column as COM).
There are all sorts of interesting and/or practical courses offered. One of the ones that I think would be valuable for anyone to take is a lecture on “Understanding Credit and ID Scams.” This is offered on October 25 from noon to 1:30 pm and is a lunch and learn class. In this era of ID theft and phone scams, this might be the best thing you can sign up for. And the price is right – it’s free.
This next one is one I took a couple of years ago. It was a godsend. I had just bought an iPhone – my first – and had no clue how to operate it. It begins on October 5 and continues through November 30.
I highly recommend taking it if you have an iPhone and are baffled about how to get the most good out of it. The price is great, too. $15 for the 50 and older group and $42 in-district or $47 for out-of-district students under 50 years of age. I feel sure you’ll get your money’s worth at any of those prices.
Here’s one that really intrigues me: Art: Mixed Media and Recyclables. This course incorporates assembly, design, recyclable materials, found objects, collage and fabric paint to create works of art with meaning. Sounds like “Junk 101” but with a purpose. (Sorry, COM, I just couldn’t resist that one!) It might be a really enjoyable way to find your inner artist. It runs from September 8 through December 1 and is $15 for 50 and up, $42 for in-district and $47 for out-of-district students.
One of the new offerings for this fall is Art: Cake Decorating: Buttercream Royal Icing and Fondant Skills. This will be taught by a certified Wilton Method instructor. The best thing about a cake decorating course is that you get to eat your mistakes. I know, I took one of these classes a long time ago. It was delicious!
There are many more courses offered in the catalog, from art to exercise. Take advantage of the opportunity to try something new and challenging. This column is just intended to give you a sampling of what’s being offered. The one class I wish COM would offer is one on learning to read body language. This is something that has fascinated me ever since I watched a TV series several years ago called “Lie To Me.” I’d love to be able to get a read on people that way. It’s like learning a language no one can guess you can speak. Are you listening, COM?

For more info on COM’s fall non-credit schedule, call 409-933-8586 or go online to

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