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Barbie Tucker

Barbie Frankovich Tucker feels like she is really “Home” working for REALTY EXECUTIVES ADVANTAGE located in League City, “I joined Realty Executives for several reasons – Lynn Beardslee being the main reason. Her faith-based approach to re estate was at the top o my credential list. We don’t want to sell homes, we want to change lives.

As a lifelong Stingaree, Barbie feels very strongly about the importance of being represented by a local Realtor. “Local agents know the local market and most of the time, the neighbors. I appreciate the value of being from a small town and take real pride in helping my city grow and prosper.”  Barbie began her career in multi-family management in 1989, and in 1998 earned her license while working with Bill Etheredge, a man she admires and learned a great deal from. “He taught me all I know about Commercial real estate. He was always there to help and I will always be grateful for that.”                                        

Barbie and her Broker, Lynn Beardslee, are childhood friends and both are guided by a strong faith. Lynn believes that “God owns this real estate business” and she is a steward of it for a season. She is committed to “moving people”. As a real estate broker, you would naturally assume that means moving people into homes. But it goes much deeper than that. Her vision is to have a positive impact on every person that she comes in contact with. “Whether it is a client, Realtor, or fellow business owner, we want to help ‘move them’ to a better place than when they walked through our doors. Serving people is a passion.”

Two years ago, Barbie and her husband bought a home thinking they might restore it to lease or sell. But Barbie fell in love with the 50’s style of the home and they ended up moving in and making it their own. They consider a true labor of love as they continue to work on their “Elvis” home. With retro carpet in her kitchen, a fold down stove and lots of gorgeous 50’s period pieces throughout the spacious, inviting ranch style home, one can see that there is a real appreciation for Texas City history as it is reflected in its classic homes.

Barbie and her husband have tackled most of the remodeling themselves. Barbie is no stranger to the process having restored and sold homes in Texas City before. As always, she is creative and true to the period, creating a warm and inviting home with a genuinely unique signature that one can only call Barbie’s touch.

Buying or selling a home can be a massive undertaking and making certain you have someone knowledgeable, thorough and passionate about his or her responsibilities is critical. Add to that, a knowledge of construction and design, with a solid team of experts behind you and no matter how challenging the process, you know you are in good hands.

The Mainland continues to grow, with new industry coming in and the employment gains in Galveston and Williamson Counties, at 4.1 percent each, were the fastest in the state and ranked 18th nationwide. “There is so much to attract families and young people to our area. You have the advantage of a small town, you can enjoy the beaches and all that goes with living on the coast, without as much of the tourist factor; and you are less than an hour away from Houston with all it has to offer. Grantee it is a seller’s market right now but buyers still have the advantage of really low interest rates and even with the increases in home values, the prices are still some of the best nationwide. So now is a good time for both sides and that is a fairly rare occurrence.”

Buying, Selling, or Investing, having a knowledgeable local agent on your side is a definite advantage…Realty Executive Advantage! ?

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