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Restaurant Review – A Place For Everyone


By Trishna Buch

Located on Nasa Road 1, very close to—well—NASA—is Victor’s Restaurant and Bar. From the outside it reminds me of those little British pubs I used to go to with my aunt and cousin in London, complete with a house-style entryway and an outdoor seating area. The inside of the restaurant boasts a red theme. Pictures line the red-painted walls which cover the room full of red booths and bar stools. Several televisions are placed around the building, each showing a different show. When I went to the restaurant, one television was showing the Tour De France while another was showing The Weather Channel. Three guesses as to which one was more interesting to me.

I first heard about Victor’s Restaurant when my family and I were driving home from Kemah Boardwalk. We passed by the restaurant and my mom mentioned that “I heard they sold Indian food here.” She called the restaurant and lo and behold she was right! The woman who picked up the phone confirmed that the restaurant did sell Indian food and nothing was ever the same again.

Why was nothing ever the same again? Because gone are the days when my family and I had to drive an hour to Hilcroft to eat Indian food. And let me tell you, those trips aren’t exactly fun. Alright, I do enjoy the drive to Hilcroft but—once we arrive—it seems like everyone there forgets how to drive. The amount of inconsideration and bad driving I see in Hilcroft makes me not want to go. It’s as wonderful place, yes, but it definitely not my first choice as to where to go for dinner. Which is why I was so excited to hear that there is a restaurant locally that sells the same Indian meals that my parents like to eat. However, there are still a few dishes that my sister and I enjoy eating that I didn’t see on the menu. So it looks like we will still be making trips to Hilcroft, even if they aren’t as often.

But let’s get back to Victor’s Restaurant and Bar. The best part of the restaurant is that it doesn’t only sell Indian food. In fact, you can also get sandwiches, omelets, chicken and waffles, and a plethora of several other items. This is especially a benefit to someone like me because, believe it or not, I do not particularly like Indian food. Am I proud of my culture and background? Yes. Do I enjoy going to India? Of course I do. But I am not the biggest fan of Indian food. In fact, apart from a few dishes, I do not enjoy it. I’ll eat it when I have to, but it’s not my favorite cuisine. And when I say I’ll only eat a few dishes, I am very particular about these dishes. They have to be made in a specific fashion and emit a specific taste, otherwise I won’t enjoy it.

This is exactly what happened with Victor’s Restaurant and Bar. The first time I went—a few days after we found out they had an Indian menu—I decided to have my favorite Indian meal. My parents and sister also had Indian dishes and, while they enjoyed their meal choices, I wasn’t completely pleased. Don’t get me wrong—it did taste good. But it did not meet my high standards. Luckily, as I was looking through the menu, I noticed the plethora of other choices I had.

Knowing I had other choices was a huge benefit for me, because I could completely ignore the Indian menu from that point forward. And that is exactly what I did. The second time I visited the restaurant, I had an omelet and enjoyed it a lot more than I enjoyed the first dish.

So Victor’s Deli is the perfect restaurant to go to when you have a large group of people with different preferences. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a location to have a cozy Sunday lunch or an exciting Friday night meal. I urge you all to try Victor’s Deli as soon as possible! It is open seven days a week. However, keep in mind that the Indian menu is not available on Monday. Victor’s Restaurant and Deli is located at 1425 Nasa Road 1 in Houston. ?

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