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Be The Change


Each week Doc Amey answers questions from those who are looking for a way out of their current situations. Drugs, anger issues, all the stumbling blocks that so many of us tend to encounter as we pass through this world. Feel free to share your thoughts, questions, experiences and see how you can be the change you want to see. Email Doc at:

Q. Doc, I just smoke pot. What the heck is wrong with that

A. Ok first thing wrong with it is; if you are trying to get a job, its going to be hard because everybody drug tests now. Sceondly, I believe that weed is a gateway drug for heavier drugs. It starts out just smoking a little weed, hanging with your friends and eating all the food  then you tolerance goes up and weed does not satisfy you anymore. So not saying you but on many occasions I have seen people go from weed then to pills, and before it is all over, its crack and meth. So you make the choice. Because life is all about choices and the choices you make today will have a direct influence on your life tomorrow.

Q. Doc, Addicts is a genetic thing. I don’t get addicted. So why cant I do what I want in my own home. I don’t go out. I don’t act crazy. I just like to get high.  You’re right. But being an addict may also be a generational thing so you making the decision to want to get high, you may be just starting a generational curse for your family.  I believe every addict that is an addict did not set out to be an addict. It just kind of happened.  So may I ask you, what are you measuring being an addict to? Because a lot of times people are addicted to different things but depending on what they are measuring it to, they don’t consider themselves to be addicted or they are justflat out in denial. And if you just like to get high, I would say that is a mild addiction – liking to do something that isn’t healthy or safe.

A. When I was on drugs, I got locked up and I had really bad withdrawals. I was on xanax, weed, syrup, and coming off that stuff you cannot sleep, or eat  because you are so ill you cant even think.  So why does someone go through that and then get back on them? When I got out, I  wasn’t out one day and I was already hanging with the same crew so it was going back to familiar territory. Even th las time  Igot out, from 2009 to 2011 I was doing good and slowly but surely I found myself doing everything I told God I wouldn’t do. It was crazy. The last time I stopped I did not go through withdrawals, because I had a mindset that I was through. My mind was always what tod me I had to do it, but this time I had Jesus and that was the game changer. Now my mind told me I didn’t want it anymore. HE was the Game changer.

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