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By Animal Control Officer Amy Snider

The City of Texas City is a community built from history, respect, loyalty, and strong businesses. Texas City is a busy deep water port, as well as a petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing center, located on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay. It is home to thousands of residents, visitors, and tourists, which all come with their beloved pets. Texas City is also home to thousands of wildlife species, and is in a migratory route for birds from all over the world. Texas City Animal Control plays a huge role in protecting the citizens, and the animals, within this beautiful city.

Animal Control Officers within this department are trained professionals that are familiar with federal, state, county, and city regulations involving all animal ordinances and statues. Our officers are also highly trained with the behavior, anatomy, handling, training, and health of animals, ensuring the safety of the animals, our citizens, as well as themselves. We focus highly on teamwork, professionalism, and education in order to successfully make a difference in our community’s animal population and welfare.

A main concern that is responded to is animals at large. Texas City does have an ordinance that prohibits dogs from running at large. All dogs within city limits must be contained by the owner holding the leashed dog, secured behind a fence, or secured on a running line.

Not all dogs have a home…Texas City routinely has homeless strays running the streets. Sadly, these animals are usually dumped or abandoned by their families. They are usually hungry, confused, and not vaccinated. Please do not to attempt to pet, feed, or capture stray dogs. Contact the police department and report the animal. If you, or any one you encounter, is bitten or scratched by any animal, where the skin has been punctured, please contact animal control immediately

Another Texas City Ordinance that Animal Control enforces is the anti-chaining ordinance. It is unlawful to chain a dog to a stationary object within city limits. Confinement options are a fenced in yard, confined to a leash held by the owner, kennels, or secured on a running line. Animals must be provided with a minimal of 150 sq. ft. of roaming space per animal. Shelter must be provided at all times for any dogs housed in the elements. Any person that chains their dogs illegally can be issued a notice of violation. This will result in fines paid to the Texas City Municipal Court.

All animals, including dogs and cats, must be current on their rabies vaccinations and must have the rabies tag present on their collar at all times. Animals are also required to be registered within the city. Texas City registration can be obtained at the Galveston County Resource Center located within Texas City. This tag must also be presented on your animals’ collar at all times. Not doing so can result in a notice of violation.

This is just a portion of all the responsibilities we have. Next week we will cover other abuse, wildlife, residential and multi-family restrictions.  Please take care of your pets and love them unconditionally. Remember that they depend on you… There is a reason why they say a dog is man’s best friend.

Special thanks to every good pet owner, volunteers, our community, and the Texas City Police Department for all of the wonderful support. ?

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