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It’s Never Too Late To Learn


By Trishna Buch

It is never too late to learn new things. Even if you have finished college and are well set into your career, there is always the opportunity to take new classes and obtain new skills. On the flip side, there is also no such thing as too much learning. So even if you are still in high-school or college, you can still take the opportunity to take new and interesting classes, to continuously hone your skills. Who know? Maybe one of these classes will lead you into your career.

College Of The Mainland is home to several continuing education classes which teach students lifelong and career skills. These classes, which are now open for registration, open several possibilities for students to develop and practice new skills.

The courses are split into lifelong learning courses and career preparation courses. If you are more of a fitness fan, then consider taking the classes that relate well to this passion, such as spinning or zumba. If fitness is not your cup of tea, and you prefer something more relaxed, then the creative courses may be more up your alley. Classes such as cake decorating, collage painting and stained glass decorating will help you develop your artistic skills, and do so in a manner and environment that is relaxed, calm and comfortable. These lifelong learning courses are perfect because they will help you learn and develop skills that are extremely useful to have throughout your life.

Of course, along with lifelong skills, it is also important to take courses that will help you improve your career. Even if you already have a job, it is always important to have a back-up option, in case you have to change your career path in the future. COM is offering several career preparation courses, including welding, electrical and air-conditioning programs. Furthermore, for those of you who are interested in becoming health professionals, you can earn certifications is fields such as EKG technician, medication aide and dental assistant. The best part? The certifications for these fields can be earned in less than a year.

But there’s more! Let’s say you don’t want or need to take lifelong learning classes because you know all that is necessary. Let’s say you do not want to take career preparation courses because you are retired or completely secure in your job. But, despite this, you are still interested in taking a course. Then consider joining the 50 plus program. This program is designed for individuals who are 50 years of age or older and includes lectures on several topics including finances, Alzheimer’s disease and travel tips.

And it doesn’t end there!

If you are interested in registering for these continuing education classes—or if you have any questions—call 409-933-8586. Alternatively, you can go online to ?

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