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Texas First Bank Elects Patrick Doyle to Board of Directors


By Trishna Buch

Texas First Bank is going to continue to soar and strengthen in its accomplishments because the company now has the wisdom and assistance of Patrick Doyle. However, his election to the Texas First Bank board is not the beginning of Doyle’s relationship with the company. In fact, when I spoke to him earlier this week, I learned that the partnership has lasted years.  “Since my parents were shareholders in the bank, I worked there since I was a young boy,” Doyle told me.

The name of Doyle should be familiar to all of you.  Even for someone such as myself—who has only been privy to Texas City individuals and matters since 2016—I know that the Doyle family are one of the most influential and involved members of the city. Patrick Doyle’s brother is Matt Doyle, current mayor of Texas City, and his father is former mayor Charles Doyle. I have come across both Charles Doyle and Matt Doyle through various Texas City events and city council meetings that I have covered, but this was my first time speaking to Patrick Doyle—and I was excited to do so.

When I spoke to Doyle he told me that he started informally working for the bank as a teenager. His first jobs, however, were less to do with finances and more to do with the upkeep of the bank. “I started off by mowing the lawn and then moved on to keeping the inside of the bank clean.” After a few years he moved to the position of bank teller and then to management training. In the course of our conversation I learned that Doyle officially started working for Texas First Bank in 1987. “I worked in Galveston but it had a different name at the time.”

Doyle started working at the bank following his graduation from Texas Tech University in 1986. After working part-time in the bank for three years, Doyle decided that he wanted to expand his horizons. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Finance, he decided to attend South Texas College Of Law, with the end goal of becoming an attorney. “All the while, I continued to work for the bank,” he told me.

After earning his law degree in 1990, Doyle was a full-fledged attorney. He went to work for the, then-named, Barker and Lain Law Firm. He told me that his specialty is in real-estate, but the firm itself covers all facets of law. “I mostly help with document preparation and loans as it pertains to real estate finances,” Doyle told me.

Doyle renamed the law firm into the Doyle Law Firm in September last year. He told me that the name-change came about through the advice and support of his longtime friend and law partner, Dennis R. Bettison—who is also a member of the Texas First Bank board when he slowed his practice down last year.

And Doyle indeed has put in work into the law firm. He has worked there for the past 27 years and continues to do so. Furthermore, the fact that he has worked with the law firm as well as been an advisor to the Texas First Bank board before being elected as a member, speaks volumes about his work ethic and passion for banking. Based on our conversation, it is clear that he will be an asset to the Texas First Bank Board.

Doyle, who was elected to the board in July, has been a Texas City resident for his entire life. “As a previously elected Justice of the Peace and County Commissioner for over 18 years for the residents of Galveston County and Texas City in particular, to me, this is one of the best cities in the state,” he told me. “Residents are provided wonderful services for the taxes we pay and it is just a wonderful place to live, work and play.” Doyle, who is a father of four, Allie, Shannon, Thomas and Andrew, has been married for 27 years to his wife, Stephanie Sunseri Doyle. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting and sports. His favorite teams include the Astros, Rockets, Texans and sometimes the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He is also a member of the St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal Catholic Church.

And what are his goals for the bank moving forward? “I just want to continue to assist Texas First Bank in bringing that atmosphere of Independent Banking, Local Decisions and Community Involvement daily that my Dad has always instilled in each and every one of us kids since we were little,” he said. ?

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