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The Jesse Tree – Donations and Volunteers Needed


Hurricane Harvey is still wreaking havoc on the State of Texas. The recovery will take years. One organization has been preparing to assist it’s victims since it formed over the Yucatan Peninsula two weeks ago – The Jesse Tree. Lists and suggestions to assist in evacuation and re-entry were updated, improved and added to the website. And Harvey represents a perfect opportunity to field test The Jesse Tree’s newest technologic development, The Jesse Tree App. The App is taking the organization to a new level of efficiency by empowering those who use it to move more rapidly from the chronic poverty, illness and conditions that inhibit self-sufficient to independence, happiness and improved health.

In 2008, Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston Island. The Jesse Tree a local charitable organization lost two of its main facilities, millions of dollars in buildings, vehicles, equipment and supplies, however, despite these losses stepped up as a first responder, organized a consortium of social services, medical and faith-based providers and helped thousands and thousands of individuals and families cope with their losses, regain their independence and put Ike in the rearview mirror.

Contributions to The Jesse Tree will immediately assist individuals and families affected by Hurricane Harvey and a generous donor has pledged to match your contribution dollar for dollar up to $100,000 – so, your generosity will be doubled and allow The Jesse Tree to assist twice as many people.

The Jesse Tree connects, rebuilds and uplifts the lives of those seeking help by using hospitality, common sense and seeking out the root causes that prevent overall wellness. In the aftermath of a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, people need nutrition – not fast food; immediate medical attention – and health education to manage chronic conditions; spiritual encouragement and professional counseling to deal with the trauma, disillusionment and loss of hope.

The Jesse Tree’s founders knew that developing and using technology wisely creates a virtual safety network of holistic, integrated care, so, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey a wireless laptop or cell phone, training and a big dose of common sense immediately connects people to the care they need. The Jesse Tree App is faster, more comprehensive and ready, just in time to respond to Hurricane Harvey – a massive disaster. Today, the Jesse Tree Team brought a wheelchair to assist an elderly woman who was evacuated from her home by canoe. They fielded calls from people awaiting rescue on rooftops who knew that calling The Jesse Tree would mean talking to a person, not a menu.

As an ecumenical, faith-based organization, The Jesse Tree invites all faiths to convene and practice works of mercy that instill dignity and heal the wounds of poverty, illness and injustice that further complicate the devastation of a natural disaster. The Jesse Tree screens people in – not out – therefore, most government funding would force us to turn needy individuals away when they fail to meet the rigorous financial screening. We practice prevention by helping, educating and encouraging individuals before they descend beyond hope. We rigorously evaluate progress and place the expectation on the shoulders of those seeking the help, with kindness, humor and compassion.

Check out The Jesse Tree App complete with screening, application, triage, enrollment portfolio and chronic conditions management tracking forms on the website at; few organizations know how to truly integrate healthcare, social services, ministries and community based resources.  At The Jesse Tree, that’s what we do best.  Your immediate contribution will be matched, dollar for dollar effectively doubling every work of mercy performed through these innovative, community-based programs. The name of the organization is taken from The Book of Isaiah, 11:1 A shoot will come up from the stem of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit. 

For information, call Ted Hanley at 409 682 6218, David Mitchell at 409 599 4847 or the office at 409 762 2233 from 9 AM to Noon or email or in-box us on FaceBook. Se habla Espanol – Hablas con Sra. Rosa Salinas por mas informacion por favor.

Contributions can be mailed to P.O. Box 575, Galveston, TX 77553 or Credit Card or PayPal contributions made directly online on the website at or on FaceBook. The Jesse Tree is a 501c3, nonprofit, charitable organization; therefore contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.

Donations and Volunteers needed:  

For the office:     

Office supplies, pens, pencils, tape, paper-

Clips, working computers, phones, etc.

Bottled water or juice

Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, sweetener,

Children’s snacks, healthy snacks,

Paper products, towels, toilet paper,

Napkins, cups, plates, etc.

Hygiene items, soap, shampoo, brushes.

Deodorant, cotton socks, tee shirts (all sizes)

Combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste,

Feminine hygiene products

First Aid supplies, bandages, ointments,

Skin creams, peroxide, etc

For the Chronic Conditions/Healthcare Program:

Wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers,

Canes, commodes, shower stools, etc.

Adult Diapers, Bed pads, Diabetes

Supplies, Insulin, lancets, etc.

Household items, furniture, etc.  

Used vehicles (must be able to pass inspection, in good running condition)

Volunteer Positions:

Bilingual Receptionists

Friendly Phone-callers (check on people)

Volunteer Coordinator

Public Relations/Outreach

IT Assistance,

Office Assistants

Bilingual Helpers

Computer savvy Assistants

Proof-readers, data-entry helpers

Health Coaches, Assistants

Drivers – to pick up donations

Heavy lifters to collect equipment

Food Fair Set-up, Assistants

Senior Food Box Deliveries

Cleaners to sterilize items

Classroom Assistants

Survivors Support Team

Drivers- Tues/Thurs evenings

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