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By Trishna Buch

Hurricane Harvey stormed through Houston and its surrounding areas two weeks ago; wreaking havoc on homes and businesses in and around the city. One of the hardest hit areas was the Mainland. Due to rising floodwaters, many people were forced out of their homes and into shelters. Furthermore, there were also many people who were forced to leave their places of employment; all because of Hurricane Harvey.

Roofer installing shingles on peak of roof

With the rise in individuals needing to find temporary or longer term work, employment agencies saw a surge in people coming to their companies, looking for work. Agencies such as Express Employment Professionals, Workforce Solutions and Action Personnel have seen several people come to their agency and not only request employment, but also to request workers that will come into their homes and places of employment to assist in a clean-up and rebuilding process.

Unfortunately, these employment agencies have not seen clean-up and rebuilding companies coming to them requesting placement at homes and businesses around the Mainland. The reasoning behind this, the agencies believe, is because these workers and companies were skipping the middleman and going straight to the home and business owners to get the work started.

But at The Post, we are all about helping. We know that many of readers may currently be out of job, through no fault of their own. You may also have relatives or friends residing on the mainland who need temporary or longer term work. We would like to take this opportunity to direct you to the many employment agencies that are ready to help. These agencies will be your go-to if you are trying to find an employment placement. All of these agencies can help you find a job that meets your credentials and, in some cases, the agency itself needs people to work for them. Express Employment Professionals, for example, needs people to work at the front desk and as administrative support. And if there are any certified Pharmacy Technicians who are looking for work, the Kroger located at 3541 Palmer Highway in Texas City is hiring. In order to apply for the position, visit the location or call 409-948-3471.

The agencies also want to help, by finding individuals who can come into our homes and businesses, assist you in clean-up and help you get back on your feet and back to normalcy as quickly as possible. These agencies would like any companies or workers who are skilled in these clean-up jobs to contact them, and they can find a placement for you. For example, Action Personnel INC is looking for workers with clean records, who can go into a home or business, and work on different repair jobs. These jobs would include removing furniture and flooring as well as using tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and a crow bar.

There are several employment agencies you can contact in the area. Most of these agencies have locations all over the city but—for the sake of proximity—I will provide you with the addresses and phone numbers of the Texas City locations. Express Employment Professionals can be found at 600 Gulf Freeway #101 in Texas City and can be reached at 409-935-9990. Workforce Solutions can be found at 3549 Palmer Highway in Texas City and can be reached at 409-949-9055. Action Personnel INC can be found at 1718 North Amburn Road in Texas City and can be reached at 409-935-0111.

Whether you are an individual looking for a job or a worker looking for a repair placement, please contact your local employment agency. They can definitely help you get back on your feet and to normalcy quickly and smoothly. 

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