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Hidden Treasures


By Monica Dressler

Are you creative and enjoy making things? Have you collected things that are more than 20 years old and you need more space for your collection? It is time for your hobby to pay for itself so you can work on more projects and Etsy is the online place to sell what you have!
Stop paying rent and depending on others to sell your treasure; sell it yourself and generate more money. I’ve been an Etsy Seller since 2008 after Hurricane IKE flooded Galveston. Our Store was a co-op with 15 other Antique Dealers on Galveston Island Collector’s Gallery took on over 8 feet of flood water, so we had to make a few changes.
Selling online became a high priority as we could not afford to wait for our flood damaged building to be cleaned out, remodeled and the local economy to improve. Fortunately, Etsy has a vintage section which you can sell vintage if they are 20 years or older. I’ve been selling my arts & crafts projects, vintage items such as, clothing, art, jewelry, craft supplies, vintage fabrics, sewing patterns, glassware, model kits, coins, photographs, books, magazines, clocks, furniture, so it only made sense to hop on the Etsy bandwagon!
Etsy can be a full time or part time way to list your items for sale online. It’s such a great feeling when you hear your phone go “Cha Ching!” from getting a sale. Unlike Ebay, Etsy has been reasonable with listing fees & rules. They charge 20 cents per listing with 5 photos and your i atem stays on for 4 months. When your item sells Etsy only takes 3.25% of the total sale price. That’s it and the Buyer pays all shipping costs.
I love introducing people to Etsy, it allows Artists, Jewelers & Crafters to show their creations to a Worldwide Etsy Community., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’re not limited to a few square feet in a building with limited access during working hours. Even though your area may have flooded or suffered economically from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, You can still create and sell what you make on Etsy.
People all over the World will see what you’re selling and all you need is a Cell Phone and a Tablet or Laptop computer. If you can send email or post photos on Facebook, you have the basic skills to sell on Etsy. Please take a tour of my Online Etsy Shop with this Link: To view what else is on Etsy search
Sign up for my Etsy School – 1-hour tutorials for $25.00. Just give me a call and let’s visit! Call Monica Dressler : 409.761.0010. If I can do it, you can do it.

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