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A Chocolate-y Life


Trishna’s Tidbits / Modern Musings by Trishna Buch

Do you remember the movie Forrest Gump? The one starring Tom Hanks? Now, I’ve never seen that movie so I can’t tell you anything that happened it in. But, even without seeing the movie, I’m very well aware of its most infamous line “life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Despite never watching this movie, that line in particular speaks to me, because there is so much truth to it!
When you reach into a box of chocolates, filled with a variety of types and flavors, it’s true that you have no idea what you’re going to get. I mean, unless you’re like me and you laboriously pour over the descriptions of each chocolate that is provided with each box. However, sometimes even I don’t do this and I just reach in, grab a chocolate and hope I don’t get one that’s filled with nuts. Or worse, I hope I don’t get white chocolate, because—let’s face it—that’s not even real chocolate…Okay, I suppose it is, but there’s the perks of having your own column—it’s all about your opinion.
But I’m going off on a tangent. When you reach into a chocolate box, you could either get your favorite flavor—dark chocolate for me—or you could get stuck with a flavor you hate. And that’s exactly what life is like. You could be handed your favorite chocolate, which would be reflected in everything your life going exactly the way you want it to. Of course, all of your ideas of a “favorite flavor” will all be different, but my version is simple—having no stress or worry about ANYTHING. No stress about my future, no stress about my job, no stress about my classes, just no stress. Or, you could be handed a “flavor” that you prefer not to have, which will also be different for every person.
The analogy ends, however, when we think about the idea that—in a chocolate box—it’s a black and white situation. If you are choosing one chocolate, you will either get one you like or one you don’t like. It just isn’t possible to grab one piece and think “oh I like this one, but I also don’t like it.” Life, on the other hand, is going to be filled with things you like and dislike, and—most of the time—you just don’t know what hand you’ll be dealt. Take me for instance. Right now, my life is filled with a mix of white chocolate, chocolate with nuts, dark chocolate and milk chocolate—but my box seems to have more flavors I dislike than those I like. But the best thing about life is that it is unpredictable. Right now my box is overpowered by the flavors I do not enjoy, but next week it could be overpowered by the flavors I do enjoy.
But life isn’t only about the flavor of chocolate we get, it’s about our reaction to that flavor. I could reach into my box and pull out a white chocolate. At this point I have two choices. I could complain, because I don’t like white chocolate, or I could accept the white chocolate because at least it’s still chocolate. I still have chocolate—even if it isn’t my preferred flavor—while other people will open their box and, instead of finding chocolate, will find it empty. It’s all about your reaction to things.
There will be times in your life when you feel as if everything is going wrong. There will be times when you will feel as if the world is ending and as if there is no hope. But, the thing is, there is hope. Just like eating a piece of chocolate—nothing lasts forever. So even if you are currently stuck in a rut, just remember that it is temporary. But when things are going well, make sure to count your blessings, because unfortunately that is not permanent either.
So reach into your box, pull out a piece and try and appreciate what you are handed. Because there are so many people who would love to be in your position. And let’s face it—no matter what flavor you get, you still have chocolate in your hand.
Of course, I should have known that all this talk about chocolate would make we want some. So I am headed off to find the nearest grocery store, but before I go I wanted to leave you with some parting words from John Lennon: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

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