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Conversation Starters


This ‘N That by Nicky De Lange

If you ever want to spark an interesting conversation among friends, try asking one of the following questions. It’s a great way to pass time and also learn more about folks you think you know well.
For example, try this one: what is your absolute favorite food? Mine is simple and comes right to my mind immediately: chocolate. If something isn’t chocolate, it’s just not dessert! And by the way, chocolate is great for breakfast. It goes with everything.
But for some odd reason, I can’t stand white chocolate. It doesn’t taste at all the same. And it looks awful as well.
Here’s how to tell the difference between someone who has a sweet tooth and someone who’s a chocoholic. Having a sweet tooth means you like all kinds of pies, cakes, ice cream etc. A chocoholic will only choose chocolate pie, cake, or ice cream. It’s the only choice for them.
Another good question to get a conversation started is this one: which are smarter, dogs or cats? You will very likely get some heated opinions on this topic, because it depends on how you define “smart.” Dogs seem smart because they quickly learn tricks. Cats don’t generally learn tricks – unless they want to. Our cats not only believe they’re in charge at our house, they are in charge. They have trained us. As someone once said, “Dogs have family, cats have staff.”
Try tossing this question out to spark a variety of answers: Where in the U.S. Is the best place to live? After Hurricane Harvey, Houston and the Gulf Coast might not make anyone’s list. Neither will Key West or Puerto Rico after a visit from Hurricane Irma. But you have to remember the horrible winters up north, complete with blizzards and sleet storms. Not for me!
And then there are states like California that are prone to earthquakes, northwestern states where it rains over 300 days a year, and states like Oklahoma and Missouri that are likely to be hit by tornadoes. No place is perfect, but I lean toward Nevada. It’s a tad warm in the summer, but the humidity is so low! And the casinos are all air-conditioned.
This question also concerns where you live, but it takes a different approach. If you had to choose, would you rather live on a houseboat or in an RV? My answer would be “neither of the above.” I know zero about boats, and I would go crazy in the confinement of an RV. Even if you threw in Harrison Ford, which no one ever offers to do.
And my favorite question of all, is: which do you like being around better, small children or teenagers? I bet the majority of answers would be “small children.” I’d be the only one to pick teenagers. Whenever I express that preference, I get some very odd looks.
But it certainly makes for some interesting conversations. Try coming up with your own questions. I do suggest avoiding topics like politics, though. You don’t want to turn a conversation into an argument.


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