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Fishing on the Dike


By Harvey Cappel
Author of “True Story I Swear It- Maybe”

First thing to do is get a big jar of Vaseline and spread a thin layer all over your face and arms. Now you are ready for Dike fishing.
I once read a book about fishing that said; find all the places where you can’t catch fish and don’t fish there anymore. I used to Drag Race and teach Drag Racing. I told my students that winning was as simple as “just stop losing”. For example, don’t run out of gas on a quarter mile race track; I actually saw this several times in my 14-year racing career. Now I recognize that you may not have the 77 years, I have had, to learn all that is wrong about life and Dike fishing so I’m going to boost your fishing skills by telling you how to fish on the Dike.
Large bait catches large fish that you can eat. Piggy perch and small hardheads won’t take large bait. Artificial lures are out; they get hung up.
Use live bait, piggy perch, mullet etc. Live and dead shrimp are for kids that catch junk fish you can’t eat. It is less boring than waiting on the big fish. Kids can’t drink beer so boring is a problem for them.
Wear light colored clothes. This serves two purposes; you will be cooler in the summertime and the fish will not easily see you. Try for colors that match the background sky. Fish are not unlike big game; if they can see you they will be extremely cautious as to what they will do. Catching bait with a cast net has the same problems; if the bait can see you they will run ahead of where you throw your net; got to sneak up on them.
When night fishing with lights set the lights as close to the water as you can so you can’t walk in front of the lights. Again, if they see you they will be much harder to catch. Also at night wear dark clothes.
Night fishing under lights seems to be unfair to the fish. The lights attract the bugs that fall in the water; this attracts the bait fish that swim around near the surface. And finally, it’s usually trout that circle below the bait fish. Simply chunk something in the water that the trout like and you’ve got one. That’s actually true but that action spooks the rest of the trout for a few hours. Try setting more than one light about 25 feet apart so the action in one trout circle doesn’t affect the adjacent one.
Now you might think you know it all. Fact is I have used the above for over 50 years and only caught one small flounder on the Dike. So, don’t do anything I just told you. And by the way a good sun screen works better than the Vaseline and isn’t near as messy. Until next time, smile, fish good and be kind.

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