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Local kite fliers participate in International Festival


By Kathy Nixie

ONE SKY ONE WORLD Kite fly scheduled for EAST BEACH in Galveston. The date is Sunday OCTOBER 8th, 10 am till 5 PM Public invited. People all over the world will be flying kites that day to think about peace and the environment. OSOW has been going on for over 30 years.
Kite festivals for OSOW are held all over the world. We truly share the same sky and peace is a goal for all of us. The beach is a great place to fly kites , good wind, no trees, no power lines. It’s a great place for family fun. There is something for everyone , big kites, little kites, bubbles, pinwheels and picnics. This year sand castle tools will be available. There will be a labyrinth to walk. There will be loaner kites available.
Galveston County has a great annual festival in Texas City on the dike in June. More kite fliers are learning about kite surfing as well as single, dual and quad line kites. Another nearby fly is scheduled for November 4th at Surfside just 40 miles west of Galveston.
The kitefliers enjoy membership in a club called “The American Kitefliers Association” . It has a wonderful web site at The aim of the club is to serve as an educational tool for novices as well as experienced fliers. Kites come in many shapes , they can use one, two or four lines. They make wonderful tools for the study of wind. Kites were used before balloons and planes to study the atmosphere.
The giant kites flown at the beach hold up some very interesting “line Laundry” or wind socks on the line. The windsocks are shaped like fish, lizards , streamers or spinners. These can be some of the most amusing for the public to see. We are also planning a ground display, which will include banners, spinning flowers, hummers, pinwheels and other wind powered noise makers.
We hope to have more than 100 participants to report to the International Organizers. There are some great kites for beginners and some that need more experience and instruction to fly. It is a great family activity and a great hobby for any age. Please come out, bring a chair and picnic and enjoy the day.

In September of 2012, Jane Parker-Ambrose visited Paris, France and became the very first person to fly a kite from the Eiffel Tower in respect for the United Nations International Day of Peace and the Fall equinox.

Founder of One Sky One World, Mrs. Parker-Ambrose, flew a kite for peace and was the first person ever recorded to fly a kite off the Eiffel Tower. The kite, a tissue paper bee made by Belgian architect and kitemaker Nest Lernout, has a frame which forms the international peace symbol, a bee. In France at the invitation of the Dieppe International Kite Festival, Jane was honored at the festival for One Sky One World’s work in the spirit of international friendship and protection of the planet’s environment.

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