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OPINION: Sema for U.S. Senate


While many have their sights set on the upcoming elections in November, a shadow of the primary race in March of 2018 is closely behind it. There are many positions that will be up for the Democratic and Republican nomination for Governor, Lt. Governor, Congress, and so forth. Running for the Democratic nomination for the chance to take on Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate, we have Beto O’Rourke, who has been hot on the campaign trail around Texas. Yet just up the road in Pasadena, Texas, there is a passionate and strong willed challenger who is also seeking the Democratic nomination; her name is Irasema Hernandez. Mother, wife, baseball coach, and small business owner; Sema is determined to unseat Cruz. Before doing that though, Sema must defeat O’Rourke in order to become the Democratic nominee. Having met Hernandez, and taken the time to learn about her political outlook, I would like to share with you why I believe she is the right woman for the job.
Sema is a proud Progressive candidate who is pushing a platform that practically mirrors that of Bernie Sanders. Single-payer healthcare, tuition free college, immigration reform, universal basic income, and putting a stop to the privatization of prisons are some of the key issues on her political agenda among others. Although I do align quite a bit with her stance on those issues, that isn’t what has me sold on her. Anyone can talk a good game, but not many politicians are good with the follow through. What do most of your average voters want from our politicians? People want someone who is genuine, someone who will do what they promise to do.
Not being from the political elite, while it doesn’t always color a candidate’s public credibility, often means that a candidate can identify better with the issues of average citizens. We want someone in office that isn’t just a bench warmer; someone who will speak to the most significant issues we are facing without hesitation. We want someone that will be a good servant leader; communicating, sympathizing, empowering, and actively listening to their constituents. And more than anything, we want someone that will be consistent, calculated, and compassionate in their decision making.
Hernandez is that candidate! She is strong in her stance, and is a woman of action ready to fight for each and every one of us. You don’t have to take my word for it though, because you have the opportunity to hear from Sema herself. On Saturday, October 28th @ 8:00am she will be featured on the Galveston County radio show, Meet in the Middle, on KGBC 101.5 FM – 1540 AM. She also has a Meet & Greet coming up in Galveston at the Sunflower Bakery on Monday, November 6th @ 5:30pm. There you can hear what she has to say, and if you attend the November event; ask her any questions that you may have for her.
If you would like to know more about Sema’s platform or would like to donate to her campaign, please visit:

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