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Team Rubicon Sets The Record Straight


In our October 8 issue of The Post, we got a few things wrong in our coverage of Team Rubicon and their contribution to the desperate need for assistance in hard hit Dickinson, Texas. We received a correction from Bob Pries, Incident Management Team & Deputy Area Commander – Op Hard Hustle

“Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, Team Rubicon has deployed 1,690 volunteers to Texas in support of the ongoing hurricane relief effort. An Additional 148 volunteers provided remote support from our National Operations Center in Dallas, Texas, and 448 Team Rubicon members volunteered to log requests for assistance through Crisis Clean Up. Volunteers have serviced 734 homes in the following communities in Texas: Houston, Rockport, Port Aransas, Beaumont, Magnolia, Friendswood, Dickinson, and Port Arthur.
Team Rubicon is partnering with SBP to conduct a pilot program for mold remediation training in Texas as we work to build our long-term recovery plan for Harvey impacted communities. From August 28th through September 4th, Team Rubicon deployed six floodwater rescue teams to Texas and Volunteers conducted 73 floodwater rescues and safely evacuated 43 animals.”

We are deeply grateful for the men and women of Team Rubicon and their tireless efforts to remain ready for any crisis and for their wholehearted participation in helping the city of Dickinson as well as the rest of Texas affected by Harvey. Their knowledge, bravery, and commitment to come to the aid of any and all who are in need shows the true measure of their courage and companion for their fellow man.
To learn more about this remarkable organization and to show your support and our gratitude for their efforts, please visit their website at: and take a moment to watch the entire video explaining how they came to be and how they have evolved. Then take a few more minutes and visit to see how they are dispatching team all over the world to step up and into some of the most dangerous and most needy places in the world to render aid and at the same time, give Veterans the opportunity to continue to use their military training to make a significant difference for good in a world where good often seems in short supply.

Team Rubicon Global offers an opportunity for veterans to lead humanitarian efforts with a unified purpose, mission, and intensity that is reminiscent of their military service. Team Rubicon Global recognizes that the skills and leadership capacity of veterans is critically relevant in rebuilding disaster-affected communities. As a result, communities celebrate veterans as assets, strengthening global perception of the modern veteran.
Military veterans have the experience, the drive and the will to rapidly deploy to disaster zones to provide life-saving emergency assistance. TRG enables veterans to apply those skills on missions in support of civilian communities, and translate their experiences into the civilian workforce.

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