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West End Ministers and Leaders Breakfast


Carver Park was the meeting place for the last West End Breakfast for 2017. In attendance were Mayor Pro Temp Phil Roberts, City Commissioners. Thelma Bowie and Bruce Clawson, Deputy Chief Joe Stanton and of course, Chief Robert Burby hosted the event. Deputy Stanton stated that some six years ago, the goal was set to fill every seat at the table with Community Leaders, many coming from area churches, as well as citizens active in community affairs. This day there was standing room only and the gathering was one filled with appreciation for the good work being done by our city leaders and the genuine caring and compassion shown by so many individuals and groups that came together to help our city and her neighbors through the worst of Hurricane Harvey.
The debris pickup is near completion, and though over 1200 homes were damaged during the storm, rebuilding has been quick and assistance has come from churches and organizations across The Mainland. Many attendees shared stories of people in need who were provided with the means to put their lives back together through the kindness of others. One cautionary tale was shared by commissioner Bowie who warned all that a visit to check on neighbors, even now, is wise as one cannot know what one might find. As a neighborhood watch group went from house to house in one neighborhood, checking on those home with debris piled in front, one house was missed as there was no outward evidence of damage. Each family was visited and offered what assistance they might require, except for that one home. Many days later a neighbor knocked on that door must in case and inside was an elderly woman with several pets, who informed her visitor that she had gotten around six inches in her home and had done nothing due to her advanced age.
  Fortunately she was relocated and her home was saved but only because one individual happened by. Commissioner’s message was strong. If you have a neighbor you do not know, take a moment a knock on that door. Find out if your neighbors are cared for and not in a difficult position, unable to help themselves. Chief Burby reiterated the importance of being proactive as we move through our days. Even though much of our city is back to normal there are still opportunities for those without good intentions to take advantage of vulnerable citizens. Numerous scams have been reported, both via phone, email, Facebook and individual opportunists knocking doors in area neighborhoods.
The rule of thumb is always “If it seems shady it probably is. And if it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is.” Texas City Police Department will be offering a Cybersecurity Workshop in the near future. The Post will have more information once a firm time and location have been decided upon. Unfortunately there are always those who will prey on those of us less well informed in the area of Social Media and with technology growing as rapidly as it does, it behooves us all to be self-responsive and learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those who would take advantage.

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