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In the Shadow of Harvey, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion as to where disaster assistance can be found. Fortunately, there is help on the way. Ms. Julie Garrett an SBA processor from Wisconsin saw a need and came to Texas to help the Small Business Association get the word out. Her message? The SBA is here to assist homeowners, renters, non-profit organizations, to repair or replace uninsured or underinsured who have suffered disaster damaged property, belongings like furniture , clothing, loss of income and automobiles with low interest, 1.7%,2.5%, 3.3% loans that will not become payable until next year.
Business Physical Disaster Loans, Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Home Disaster Loans are the three types of loans available and SBA will not decline a loan for lack of collateral. For example, business for many real estate agents came to a grinding halt as a result of Harvey and is only now beginning to pick up. Lots of renters lost furniture, clothing and other valuables. Our own Dickinson VFW suffered major damage to their roof as well as their electrical system. All three scenarios qualify for one of these loans.
But Julie tells me far too many individuals just don’t realize this help is available to them. “Either they are convinced that they have to have a business to qualify – not true – or they simply do not know that this is an option. If you have not applied with FEMA, that is your first step. If you have been turned down by FEMA, or only received a small amount from FEMA, we are your next step. Any amounts received from FEMA will be deducted from what you qualify to receive from SBA before funds will be disbursed. There are two locations where volunteers are waiting to help you apply and the deadline has been extended to November 24th and for Economic injury the deadline is May 25th of 2018.”
You can choose to go online to apply: If you haven’t applied with FEMA go to or call 800-621-3362. If you have already applied with FEMA and been denied, you should go to and begin there. If you prefer speaking with an individual, there is a location in League City at 150 West Walker and in Dickinson at the Old Amegy Bank building at 2401 Termini St. Or you may all the SBA at 800-659-2955.
Please Note: Renters may borrow up to $40,000 to repair/replace damaged personal property including cars. Once your eligibility has been determined you will receive documents to sign and an initial disbursement will be made to you within 5 days. Loans terms can be up to 30 years and often these payouts are much faster than your personal insurance payout.
So fear not dear reader. Make the call, complete the application, complete the process; all in the certain knowledge that this truly is an exception to the norm and though it may seem tedious, you are deserving of assistance and there are persons able to guide you through the process to a successful resolution and a little breathing space to boot!

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