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It’s been autumn officially since September 22 . But what with a few hurricanes and sweltering hot weather, fall of 2017 just seemed to arrive unnoticed . But now we can celebrate the season properly . Why? First of all, it’s World Series time . And for the first time in years, our Astros are in it! I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do like baseball . My dad was a big fan, and I still remember playing outdoors while hearing a game being broadcast first on our radio, then later on our television set . Good memories . But the 2017 World Series is turning out to be an incredible experience . In addition to the fact that we are there (after beating the New York Yankees!), the first two games themselves have been amazing . Unlike our previous attempt to win this fall classic, we are holding our own . We lost the first game by a small margin . But we won the second game in one of the most exciting efforts I’ve seen in a long time . Altuve, Correa and Springer were amazing . Verlander got us off to a good start, and the extra innings were heart-stopping moments . We not only won, we won on the other team’s home field . As this is being written, the third game of the Series is scheduled for tonight . I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll also win this one . We’ll have home field advantage and thousands of cheering fans . After Hurricane Harvey, Houston and the surrounding area needs this emotionally and psychologically .
Perhaps the most welcome sign of fall’s arrival are the wonderfully cooler temperatures that arrived the past few days . The lower humidity isn’t bad either . Summer of 2017 seemed to me like one of hottest summers we’ve had . Just stepping outdoors felt like you were walking into a warm, soggy washcloth . A truly yucky experience . Sort of like the weather out in Los Angeles during the first two World Series games . At least our Astros are well acquainted with that type of weather . That must be why we have a covered (when needed) ball park . Maybe we should charge the LA Dodgers extra if they want to play in it . One last sign of fall finally getting here is the return of my favorite TV series . The Walking Dead is back for Season Eight, after the usual monthslong summer hiatus . On Sunday, September 21, the increasingly popular show returned with a loud bang .The survivors of the zombie apocalypse declared all-out war on the evil Negan and his group . Banding together, three communities (Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria) put together a brilliant strategy, which included a huge herd of “walking
dead” to finally get things under control . For now, anyway – this is always iffy under the circumstances . Who would have thought a show like this would last through 100 episodes? Or that a psychopath like Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, would become one of the most interesting/incredible characters on it? Hey, he may be a psychopath, but he’s OUR psychopath . And he rocks that black leather jacket!

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