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In International news, French President Emmanuel
Macron is trying on a new mantle: Mideast
peacemaker. He’s trying to defuse Lebanon’s political
crisis and preserve regional stability by leveraging
France’s trade relations with rival players in the
region and historical ties to its former protectorate.
It’s a risky gambit, but Macron may be better placed
than anyone right now to succeed.
In National News, when a customer approached the
checkout lines of a Mississippi Walmart to pay with
change, a cashier helped calm the man as he nervously
counted his coins. Spring Herbison Bowlin said
her trip to Walmart warmed her heart when she saw
the gentleman in front of her pull out lots of change.
This gentleman’s items were scanned and he was given
the total. He looks apologetically back at me and
starts taking handfuls of change out of his pockets. He
miscounts and starts to get flustered. Gives me a muttered,
“I’m so sorry.” His hands and voice are shaking.
This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps
all the change on the counter and says, “This is not a
problem, honey. We will do this together.” He continues
to apologize to both of us as we reassure him it’s ok.
They get his transaction handled and he shuffles away.
I looked at this wonderful woman and said, “Thank you
for being so patient with him.” She shakes her
head and replies, “You shouldn’t have to thank me,
baby. What’s wrong with our world is we’ve forgotten
how to love one another.” I want to be more like her.
In State News, Houston Astro’s Jose Altuve won the
Most Valuable Player award for the Major League
Baseball organization. The Astros signed Altuve as an
amateur free agent on March 6, 2007, and he made his
major league debut on July, 20, 2011. A right-handed
batter and thrower, as of 2017, he is the shortest active
MLB player at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m). His listed
weight is 165 pounds (75 kg). From 2014−2017, Altuve
recorded at least 200 hits each season and led the
American League (AL) in the category. He won three
batting championships in that span.
A five-time MLB All-Star, Altuve won the American
League Most Valuable Player Award in 2017. He started
in his first All-Star Game in 2015, and has also won four
Silver Slugger Awards and one Rawlings Gold Glove.
In 2014, he became the first player in over 80 years to
reach 130 hits and 40 stolen bases before the All-Star
Game. That same season he became the first Astro to
win a batting title after leading the AL with a .341 average.
He has twice led the AL in stolen bases. He is the
fifth player to be selected The Sporting News Major
League Player of the Year in consecutive years, occurring
2016−2017, and also is a recipient of the Baseball
America Major League Player of the Year award (2017).
From Maracay, Venezuela, Altuve played for the Venezuelan
national team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic
(WBC). He is under contract with the Astros through
the 2018 season. Astro’s fans are still relishing in their
World Series victory.
In Local News, Galveston County lost a loyal and faithful
son in the prime of his life: Ronald F. Plackemeier.
Many of our county’s finest paid their respect for his
support and dedicated service to Galveston County.

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