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WITH VETERAN’S DAY fast approaching it is important
to bring to light the events taking place, which are
aimed to help out these individuals who have put themselves
on the line for our safety.
One of these events is the ‘Hiring Red, White & You!’
Veterans hiring fair. According to the Texas Workforce
Commission website, the hiring fair is an annual, joint,
initiative which is “supported by the Office of the
Governor, the Texas Medical Center and the Texas
Veterans Commission.” The fair has come about as the
result of a partnership between the Texas Workforce
Commission, the Texas Veterans Commission and 28
workforce development boards. The fairs will take place
in 29 Texas cities on Thursday November 9. The aim of
the fair, according to the Texas Workforce Commission,
is to “connect veterans and their spouses in Texas with
employers who are seeking veterans’ exceptional skills.”
Workforce Solutions in Texas City is one of the locations
in this event. On November 9, veterans, service
members and their spouses can visit the location at 3549
Palmer Highway in Texas City and talk to the different
employers who will be in attendance.
“Few things are as important as taking care of those who
have served and defended our freedom,” Governor Greg
Abbott said in a news release from the Texas Workforce
Commission. And, according to the release, “over the past
five years, Hiring Red, White & You! has connected more
than 58,000 veterans with over 8,400 employers.”
Orlando Archibald, the Veterans Employment Liaison
at the Texas City Workforce Solutions, wants to help out
all veterans, service members and spouses before the
hiring fair takes place. When I spoke to him, he told me
that, anyone who wants assistance in putting together
a resume, wants their resume checked over or has any
other questions or concerns regarding the hiring fair, can
contact him at the office number—409-949-9055—and
set up an appointment with him on any day prior to the fair.
“Since the launch of Hiring Red, White & You! six years
ago, Texas businesses have consistently been joining
our list of employee partners for this statewide event,”
Ruth Hughs, a Texas Workforce Commissioner who represents
employers, said in a news release by the TWC.
“These hiring events provide veterans with a one-on-one
connection with employers who value the integrity, leadership,
and teamwork demonstrated by Texas veterans,”
For the individuals who put have put themselves on the
lines for our safety; the least we can do is provide them with
these services. I urge every veteran, service member and
spouse of either to take complete advantage of the Hiring
Red, White & You! fair when it takes place in four days.
For more information on the hiring fair, read the TWC
news release at
you-veterans-hiring-fair-take-place-november-9. If you
have any questions about the event specific to Workforce
Solutions in Texas City, give them a call at 409-949-9055.

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