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Texas City, where The Post is located, is already filled
with its Christmas decorations. If you walk or drive down
Sixth Street you will see the wreaths decorating the
poles and signs of Merry Christmas all along your way.
Now, being the Christmas obsessed person that I am, I
love that the street is already getting into the Christmas
spirit. In fact, I was talking to someone a few days before
writing this and told them that, if I lived alone, my house
would be Christmas ready all year round.
But that’s just the type of person I am. I love
Christmas and everything that goes along with it. I love
the happy feeling that the holiday season instills in me. I
love being able to spend time with my family—those who
live here and those who come for far and wide to visit. I
love seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights decorating
the homes. I love going to Christmas parties and listening
to Christmas music. I love being able to give back to
others—which we should do all year round—but seems
to increase during Christmas. Selfishly, I love being able
to have a break from school. During Christmas, instead
of having to spend five hours after work on class assignments,
I can relax and watch television.
However, I also know that everyone isn’t as, shall
we say, passionate about Christmas as I am. Don’t get
me wrong. I know that so many of you reading this love
Christmas too. The thing is, I’m also sure that most
of you don’t decorate your homes until, at least, after
Thanksgiving. Now at my house we don’t put up any
decorations but the homes around us do, and—when
these lights and decorations start to go up—the feeling I
get is indescribable. But the timing of when these lights
will differ depending on the person. For example, one
of the homes near to where I live has been decorated
since November 1st. But, on the other hand, I know a
residence that will not be decorated until December 23rd.
We can’t even forget the stores. Maybe it’s just me,
but I just have the feeling that stores are just waiting
for November 1st to hit so that they can take down all
the Halloween decorations and put up the Christmas
decorations. Which, of course, leads Thanksgiving and
all of its enthusiasts to think “hey, there’s another holiday
coming up.” So I understand why some people prefer not
to get into that Christmas feeling until after Thanksgiving,
because it’s quite an important holiday as well.
With all of this in mind, I was interested in seeing the
opinions of other people when it comes to the appropriate
time to start decorating for Christmas. So, I took to
Facebook and asked my friends and family, “do you think
it’s too early to start decorating for Christmas?” Within
minutes of making my post, the responses came flying
in. And, yes, there were some mixed opinions—some
who agreed with me and some who disagreed.
For some people, like Anuja Dholakia and Jash
Vatsaraj, it is never too early to start decorating for
the holidays. “It stopped being early when we entered
November,” Vatsaraj said. Dholakia agreed, by saying “I
say it’s never too early for feeling festive. This month is
a kick-start for holidays, so go for it!” Others, like Swati
Buch and Pratiksha Vasavada also agreed, but attributed
the early decorations to the warmer temperatures. “You
can decorate now since it’s nice out, and then just turn
on the lights at the end of November. People like Deepa
Buch and Joanna Mankad said that they like seeing the
decorations go up early because it puts them in a good
However others, like Shangruti Desai and Jigna
Vasavada believe that Christmas lights and decorations
should not go up until after Thanksgiving. “Every holiday
has a month, so why rush through life?” Desai said.
Others still, like Pooja Krishnan and Mahee Gandhi took
a more neutral position by saying that people should
decorate whenever they want, but that the Christmas
decorations should not take away from the Thanksgiving
So that’s where we stand. For some people,
Christmas—and everything that goes along with it—
starts as soon as November arrives. For others, it
doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving or the first week of
December. It is all a matter of personal preference, but
I do say this: tomorrow, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner
with your loved ones. And then, as soon as the weekend
arrives, put on that Christmas music and start your decorations.
The holiday time is approaching and I am ready.
Although, maybe I need to calm down a bit because,
after all, it is only November 17 and I still have two projects
to complete before I get into that happy, festive,
relaxed stage.

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