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Words have power. Their meaning crystallizes perceptions
that shape our beliefs, drive our behavior, and
ultimately, create our world. Their power arises from
our emotional responses when we read, speak, or hear
them. Just say the word “fire” while barbequing, or in
the workplace, or in a crowded theater, and you’ll get
three completely different but powerful emotional and
energetic reactions.
This is thee season of goodwill. Many people have
suffered a loss around this time of year and it becomes
difficult for them. Since we never know what is in the
heart or mind of another person, this is the time of year
to decide to be a positive force for anyone and everyone
who crosses your path. As we sit down with family and
friends to give thanks for all our blessings, we have an
opportunity to consciously listen for the opportunities we
will have to create positive energy to share with those
around us with our words, our tone, our personal energy
and our thoughts.
Just watch how a child responds to words of encouragement.
Even a simple “Thank you” can make a really
big difference. The energy levels of children who hear
positive messages is no different than that of your pet
dog when you give words of praise or gratitude. Even
ducks will wag their tails when they hear a positive
sound coming from a human. The ability of a person to
take direction to correct a mistake is directly impacted by
how the person doing the correcting handles it. A raised
voice will illicit fear while reassurance will allow the
mistake maker to concentrate on the task of correcting
the mistake. Why Because fear blocks concentration in
exchange for the natural response to fear which is flight
or fight. Energy surges and concentration is directed at
the physical response to the threat. Reassurance has a
calming influence and allows the individual to concentrate
on the spoken word and energy flows to the brain
to enhance learning.
And so, it seems life is made up of a constant, ever
changing flow of energy. What that means for us is that
if we stay conscious of the energy we contain, based on
the emotions we feel, we can make deliberate choices
that alter our way of thinking and help to create the realities
we desire. That kind of awareness gives us power to
motivate a team, teach a class, guide a group and hold
their attention. We now are able to control our environment
simply by being cognizant of the impact our energy
has on ourselves and others
Words are extremely powerful tools that we can use to
uplift our personal energy and improve our lives, though
we’re often not conscious of the words we speak, read,
and expose ourselves to. Yes, even the words of others
can easily affect our personal vibration. Spend a few
minutes with a chronic complainer who uses all sorts of
negative terms, and you’ll feel your personal energy bottom
out. Words have great power, so choose them (and
your friends) wisely!
Using positive statements, what some refer to as
“affirmations”, allows us to become self-energizing. The
danger here is that the more we hear, read, or speak a
word or phrase, the more power it has over us. This is
because the brain uses repetition to learn, searching for
patterns and consistency as a way to make sense of the
world around us. It only takes one time getting burned to
know that fire is hot.. And while you may not remember
the exact end date of the Civil War, odds are you still
know what 8 x 9 is because you had to repeat your multiplication
tables over and over again, drilling it into your
consciousness. Repetition is the most powerful tool to
imprint something into our minds and keep it there. So
when you tell yourself you are “dumb” or “always late”
you are creating roadblock without even realizing it.
Any statement we read, see, or speak regularly is seen
as more valid than ones we are exposed to occasionally.
It makes no difference whether the information is
true or false. What matters is how often we’re exposed
to it. Research from the University of California at Santa
Barbara clearly shows that a weak message repeated
twice becomes more valid than a strong message
heard only once. The same goes for pictures, which
are just thoughts and ideas concentrated into an image.
Repetition increases our mental validation of what we
are exposed to, which is why it works so well in political
When we are not fully conscious of what we’re exposing
ourselves to, consistency will trump truth every time.
Now consider how many times we call stupid, forgetful,
fat or ugly; any of those other tapes that we play in our
heads, we can begin to understand how they create a
false self-image and drain us of our purpose. By refusing
to respond to all those negative tapes; by choosing
to spend your time on things that you feel are worthwhile
endeavors and by turning conversations from negative
to positive, we not only empower ourselves but those
around us.
So Happy Thanksgiving, happy shopping, happy
back to work day and may you find the Peace of
Understanding in thought word and deed this wonderful
Holiday Season!

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