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When I first came to work at The Post, I met a young
man whose name I had heard fairly often. I remembered
meeting him briefly at the first annual RED
NOSE DAY Celebration in Texas City having no idea
what role he would come to paly in my future. He
was introduced to me as “Doc” and I found myself
talking with him about his past life; his time in prison,
his exposure to drugs and running wild. It was difficult
to imagine all he was telling me was the life
experience of this soft spoken, sweet faced young
man. His joy exuded from every pore and from the
looks of him he was a hard working guy, so something
had certainly changed in his life. I found myself
listening very carefully to this earnest young man as
he began to explain what he wanted to do through
our newspaper and I could not help but smile.
He told me he had written a book and he handed
me a copy. I took it home with me that night and
read it in its entirety. I was fascinated. The book was written in such haste it was clear
that he had felt a sense of urgency to tell his story and share his walk away from the
chaos that had been his life before. A Few days later he came back in and we decided
that Be The Change would be a recurring column. He began coming in every week and
dictating to me his thoughts. He explained that the words were being given to him and
he was compelled to share them.
Up to this very day, Doc comes in with excitement and joy, ready to tell me the words
he has been given so that we can share them with our readers. Through this exercise,
I have come to realize things I would never have understood had I not had this experience.
I have learned that I was raised by people who did not wonder where Thanksgiving
dinner would come from. I never had to wonder if another 10 year old would possess
a gun or share a joint with my children. My role models were teachers and writers, not
an uncle with a fine car and fancy clothes whose money came from who knows where.
Never had I thought seriously what kind of impact that would have on a young mind; or
what a genuine challenge it would be to become a contributing member of society, or
to even consider oneself capable of accomplishing the things this young man has done
and continues to do…with gratitude and joy in his heart.
His changes have had a profound effect on me and the rest of us at The Post so at
this time of the year we felt it would be the right time to thank him for his example, his
humility and his wisdom. WE hope you will continue to read and learn from this unique
voice from our community.

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