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By Trishna Buch
Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to start talking
about all of the holiday related events that are going to be
taking place throughout the month of December. But, before
we do this, we need to clear up what the holidays are all about.
It’s not about the gifts and it’s not about the time we get off of
work and school. What it is about, is togetherness, and being
there for one another. The holidays are a great opportunity to
show the people in your life that you care. But, along with this,
this time of year is also the perfect time to show other people,
ones you may not have any personal connection to, that they
are important. And, when people are involved with preparing
for the holidays and spending time with their families, they
may tend to forget that there are some individuals who may
be unnoticed during the holiday season.
With all of this in mind, The SeniorShare Program of Galveston
County was put together by Kevin Yackly. According to
the program’s website, the aim of the SSPGC is to “reduce
holiday depression among senior citizens, and to provide a
community where no elderly persons go unnoticed or unrecognized
during the holiday season.” The fact that this program
has been put together to combat feelings of loneliness during
the holiday season is a direct reflection of the meaning of the
holiday, and showing care and support to the people around
you; most particularly, those who may feel forgotten or unappreciated.
In order to show our county’s elderly residents that their
happiness matters, the SSPGC puts on two holiday events
during the year—one in the summer and one in the winter.
The summer event, “Celebrate America” Summer Celebration
takes place in July, while the winter event, SeniorShare
“Holiday Gala” – Galveston County, takes place in December.
And this year’s “Holiday Gala” will be taking place on December
6 at 10:00am at the Doyle Convention Center, 2010 5th
Avenue North in Texas City. This year will be the ninth year
that the organization has held this gala.
Tickets for the 2017 “Holiday Gala” will be available at
Grand Prize Barbeque, 2223 Palmer Highway in Texas City
on December 3. Along with this, tickets are available at senior
citizens rooms throughout the county. Tickets are free,
but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so people
are urged to arrive at the pick-up location as close to 1:00pm
as possible. And the gala is only open to people aged 62 and
This year’s event will feature performances from the Texas
City High School jazz band and the Pasadena Square dance
society. There will be a holiday meal and door prizes, and
sponsors are needed to purchase televisions and other gifts
for the door prizes.
So if you know someone who may be needing a little extra
care this holiday season, let them know about the “Holiday
Gala.” The entertainment in store is guaranteed to put a smile
on everyone’s face. For more information contact Yackly at

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