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By Trishna Buch
Here at The Post Newspaper, we are always interested in
the “new.” We like to learn about all the new businesses,
organizations and people that come to Galveston County,
so that we can let you—our readers—know about them.
We are also all about the “positive.” We want to know
about the positive things a person a business or an organization
has done so that we can write about it and make
Galveston County residents aware of the many wonderful
people living in their community. We raise awareness towards
you or your business/organization not only through
our stories, but also through our advertisements—because
we want to do what we can to best serve the
Galveston County community.
But Galveston County community is always growing.
Therefore, we would like to be able to keep up with everyone
and everything that is joining the county and making
it a wonderful place to live and work. So we are updating
our paper, and because of this, we would like to bring on
people to our team. But, more specifically, we would like
to open this opportunity to any students in the 11th and
12th grade, or students in their undergraduate years of
college, to come down to our office and apply for a position.
If you are interested in any aspect of the newspaper
world—including production, reporting, advertising, marketing
and much more—you would be a perfect fit for The
Post Newspaper!
So what exactly will you be doing? Well, that depends
on the job. We are currently looking to fill three positions—
an administrative support intern, an inside sales
intern and a social media intern. As the administrative
support intern you will be responsible for basic support
tasks which include: answering phones, fact checking
and proofing. Strong grammatical skills and the ability to
interact with the public are a strong must for this position
and you will work directly with the Publisher and the Senior
Staff Writer. As the inside sales intern, you will work
directly with the Advertising Manager and be responsible
for contacting current and potential advertisers and
subscribers to generate interest in advertising with The
Post in print and online. Lastly, as the social media intern
you will work with the Production Manager and the Editor
and be responsible for posting daily on The Post website,
Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.
Here at The Post, we work as a team. Though we each
have our individual jobs and talents, the paper is only successful
because we all work together and help each other
out. When the advertising department is contacted by a
new business to run an ad, they will pass the contact information
of that business on to the editorial staff, so that
a story can be written about said business. And, similarly,
if the editorial staff interviews an individual connected to
a business, then they will pass on the contact information
of that business to the advertising staff, so that they can
contact the business to run an ad in our paper. With that
said, these positions are designed to provide support to
the different departments but each position impacts and
interacts with all departments. We look for contributing
members of our team—meaning that the ideas and expertise
of each intern is a critical component to the value
each brings to his or her position.
Here at The Post you will find a family atmosphere.
We run on the values of teamwork, kindness and helpfulness.
We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and
support one another during the more difficult times. We
have an open office atmosphere—none of those closed
off offices—which allows for open discussion within team
members. We celebrate each other’s birthdays, we celebrate
major holidays and if you join our team, you will be
excited to come to work every day because no two days
are the same.
Hours are flexible and to be coordinated with the intern’s
immediate supervisor but weekly meetings, which
are mandatory, take place at 4:00pm every Tuesday. And
compensation will be provided through the Texas Workforce

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