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Born and raised in Texas City, Author Hugh Simpson graduated from

Texas City High School. He then attended Sam Houston State University,

earning a degree in Criminal Justice, followed by a military

career that serves as inspiration for his writing.

It was at this point that Simpson’s career really ‘took-off’ quite lit erally,

as he became an aviator and earned his wings in 1981. He

has flown H46 E’s, UH-1N’s and AH1-W helicopters. He was also a

Forward Air Controller and a Battalion Air Officer. He was part of the

“the largest Marine Corps helicopter operation in history” and served

a total of 20 years with the military, during which he was “deployed

to West Pac twice and joined Mag 26 to deploy for Desert Shield/


Along with being in the military, Simpson is also a successful businessman.

In 1992, after leaving active duty, he started a telecommunications

company that he ran from his home. After a series of

events, his telecommunications career came to a close in 2003, and

his career took a sharp turn as he became Business Manager of his

family law firm.

Throughout all of his career moves though, Simpson was writing.

He has been a writer for over 30 years. His newest book, Borderline

Decisions, is the first of a series. “I already have a few in the series

written, I’m just waiting for the right time to release them,” he told me.

Borderline Decisions follows Chuck Warden, a high-ranking military

commander, who is taken hostage by a Black Stone Mexican

Drug Cartel. In comes Colonel Hap “Kang” Stoner who takes action

into bringing Warden home. The story is filled with action, realism

and sense of not wanting to put it down until you read the final word.

Simpson explained that he uses his military experience and background

to create the stories he writes. Furthermore, he also uses his

writing to honor several military individuals throughout his books—

those still living and those who have passed on.

Simpson credits his team of 80 beta readers and a top editor for

helping him with his writing. “That editor spent 90 minutes with me

and completely turned my writing around,” Simpson told me. He also

told me that this particular editor said to him, “Simpson, you are a

complex writer.” And what does this mean? It means that he has lots

of characters and lots of activity in his books.

When he isn’t working, Simpson enjoys playing golf—“I’m not very

good”—and doing yard work on his three-acre lot.

He is a history and geo-political nut and insists that anyone who

enjoys geo-political stories and thrillers will enjoy this book. You can

head over to his website at http://hughdsimpson.com/, to purchase a

copy and leave a review of the book.

“I would like to give a shout-out to an avid Hap fan,” Simpson told

me. “And that is my mother, Ora June Simpson.”

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