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Dear Frankie: Making a House a Home

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

Pip and I have been pals since puppy hood. Five years ago, he moved away. It took me quite a while to stop missing him and get on with my life. 

Then, last week, my mom told me she had a wonderful surprise for me; Pip’s family was moving overseas, and he was coming to live with us. My tail has been wagging ever since. 

Today I got a text from Pip saying he was pleased that my family had agreed to adopt him. But he couldn’t stop crying when he thought about a life without his mom, dad, and siblings. 

After reading his text, I felt so guilty because I was so focused on being with my friend again that I never thought much about what the move would mean for him. 

Any suggestions on how I can lighten his emotional load? 


Dear Freddy, 

Glad to hear you understand it will take time for Pip to grieve the loss of his family and adjust to living with a new family. 

I suggest you make a place in the house and get some personal items that he can call his own such as a bed, a water and food bowl, toys, etc. 

You might also ask his parents to send his favorite toys, pictures of the family, and some of their old clothing that he can smell or sleep on when he feels lonely. 

Over time I believe Pip will be able to settle in and feel fortunate that he is not only living with a good friend but also that he got a brother in the bargain. 

Best, Frankie

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