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Remember the Brighter Days

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By Jacqueline Melancon

The Post Newspaper Contributing Writer

This is a new year. Yes, there are challenges, confusion, and hurt. It may seem dark, sad, and hopeless with nothing positive in sight. 

I ask you not to continue to hold on to what you see or your emotions, but remember the brighter days when there was hope, joy, love, peace, and safety. Remember the times God delivered and rescued you. Don’t forget those times because they will encourage you to continue to go on. It will give you peace because you know who is walking with you through these difficult times. God was faithful and with you in the past and He is here with you today. 

God is still a healer, deliverer, savior, provider, and protector. With God we can go through the most challenging situations because 1 John 4:4 says He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” Know that you win because of God. Romans 8:37 reads, “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” Connect with the One who can help you be a conqueror instead of being defeated. 

Before   Now

Bills current or paid off. Credit cards to the max, collector calling.

Healthy Sick, no money for a doctor’s visit.

Good relationship with family. Divorce, rebellious children.

Strong relationship with God. Don’t have faith in God.

Felt secure, joy and loved. Confused, hurt, hopeless.

Rewind and remember because God did it before, so expect Him to do it again for you. There are brighter successful days ahead. Hold on to that promise.

Some of the words to “Brighter Day” by Kirk Franklin: “When I close my eyes and think of you and reminisce on all the things you do. I can’t imagine my life without you. I never thought that I would smile again, I never thought the dark clouds would end. Never thought that I could have a friend that would keep me, never leave me alone. Jesus you’re my everything. I never knew I could be so happy or be so secure. Because of your love, life has brand new meaning. It’s gonna be a brighter day.”

You can choose to have brighter days by letting God help you through this one day at a time. 

Services Offered by Woman Restore in our local community: 

  • Woman Restore Podcast
  • Prayer (virtual, onsite) 
  • Counseling
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Mentorship
  • Small Group (virtual-Woman Restore Facebook Group)
  • Book Club (virtual) 
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Outreach/Events
  • Basic needs provisions

If you need prayer email us at info@womanrestore.com  or call (832) 304-3952

Jacqueline Melancon is an executive officer and works alongside the visionary and founder of Woman Restore, LaShell Amey. Woman Restore vision is to teach women that they can have a new life in Jesus Christ. We desire to help women break-free from the strongholds of their past. Jacqueline is an ordained Chaplain, Christian counselor, coach, and mentor to women in the judicial system. Her desire is to bring hope to the hopeless. Isaiah 61: 3 I am beauty instead of ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning, garment of praise instead of heaviness. God is a restorer.

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