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Dear Frankie: The Fight

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

On a recent class trip, I got into a fight with Lionel. 

Before it began, I told him two times to stop, or he’d be sorry. 

Despite my warnings, he kept teasing me. So, I bit him. Later, I learned that the bus driver said she would return to the doggie daycare if we didn’t knock it off. I never heard her and don’t know that even if I had, if it would have made a difference. 

Now everyone in my class won’t talk to me and blames me for ruining their class trip. I don’t get why they aren’t mad at Lionel. He was the one that started it. 


Dear Thomas, 

Reread your letter, Thomas. 

Yes, Lionel teased you. But by your own admission, you began the fight by biting him. 

You could have taken other courses of action. You could have ignored Lionel or moved to another seat, but you didn’t. You chose to bite him. 

You know that it’s against the rule to fight on the bus, or anywhere for that matter. 

I am concerned that you are blam­ing Lionel for your behavior and not taking responsibility for your actions. 

I suggest you make an appoint­ment with the daycare counselor to work on your anger management issues. 

Best, Frankie

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