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How God Speaks of Fear (Subtitled: Me & Jaws) 

by Brandon Williams
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I would venture that if asked, each of you could name a movie that inspired your life in some form. Perhaps it was a gritty western starring Gary Cooper or Audie Murphy or a romantic fairy tale that made your heart swoon.

Mine? Easy. Jaws.

Why? It gave me a healthy fear of being in beach water. My first time watching it was when I was 9 and my older cousin allowed my cousin Brian and I to watch it even though my mom was against it. The first time I saw Mr. J open wide and chomp down on someone, my mind instantly decided I would never, EVER put myself in a situation where he and I would have a chance meeting.

How much did Jaws inspire me? Put it like this: the last time I put my body in beach water, Ronald Reagan was President, gas was about .89 a gallon and Nolan Ryan was with the Astros. That’s how much that one movie – although I will still watch it any time it pops on TV – inspired me.

God speaks of fear 365 times in the Bible, so, barring Leap Year, we have a daily dose from God about embracing our fear. Of those, Psalms 56:3 resonates most to me. “But when I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

There are times where fear threatens to consume me. In those times, I begin to wonder if I “still have it” or if I am letting God down. Both thoughts are wrong. When fear comes into our lives, we are asked to do something beyond letting fear take hold. We are to be fearless with the knowledge God is in control.

Yes, God is in charge. Of this I know. Just don’t ask me to go swimming at the702 beach. I’m still not interested in the chance of becoming an oversized late afternoon treat for Jaws or any of his brethren. 😊

Brandon Williams is the Managing Editor of The Post Newspaper and is perfectly fine with not going into beach water. 

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