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Modern Car Features Drivers Love 

by Brandon Williams
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Modern vehicles are technological marvels, which has had a profound effect not only on how much drivers enjoy driving, but also how much they’re spending to get behind the wheel.

Data from Cox Automotive indicates that the average transaction price of a new vehicle in March 2023 was just over $48,000. That can raise the eyebrows of any budget-conscious car enthusiast, but it’s also worth noting that modern vehicles have become more economical in other ways. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency indicated that the average fuel efficiency for new cars recently improved to a record 25.4 miles per gallon. More fuel-efficient cars and trucks can lower the costs of vehicle ownership.

Many drivers feel that, in addition to being more fuel-efficient, modern vehicles are more fun. That’s because modern vehicles boast a number of popular creature comforts that have changed the way people drive. Drivers who haven’t shopped for a new car in recent years can look for any number of fun features as they begin their search for a new vehicle.

· Electronic door handles: Though not as common as some features, electronic door handles provide a futuristic, if not entirely necessary, feel. These door handles automatically extend out when drivers approach their cars and then retract when not in use. This feature is mainly about style, but it also reduces aerodynamic drag, which can help save fuel or, in electric vehicles, improve driving range.

· Touchscreens: Screens feature prominently in many parts of the average person’s day, so why not when they’re in their vehicles as well? Though vehicle touchscreens have been around for years, auto manufacturers are increasingly switching controls for other components, including windshield wipers, to touchscreens, making for a more sleek interior design that is largely button- and knob-free. In addition, various manufacturers are offering larger touchscreens, which can simplify driving in cars that no longer feature physical controls.

· Keyless entry: Keyless entry systems, though not new, are another component that can provide a futuristic feel. Keyless entry systems once enabled drivers to keep their key fobs in their pocket and simply unlock their vehicles by pressing a button on the door handle. Though some manufacturers still offer button keyless entry systems, more modern systems automatically unlock as drivers reach for the handle or pull it open.

· Head-up display: Arguably as futuristic a feature as car buyers may encounter, the head-up display feature puts information directly in drivers’ line of sight so they are never looking anywhere but toward the road. Information such as vehicle speed and navigation instructions are projected onto the interior of the windshield, not unlike similar systems that have long been utilized in military planes.

Modern vehicles are loaded with futuristic features that can make driving more fun. 

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