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Dear Frankie: Adulthood

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

I heard my parents talking about where my brother Casey might live and work after he graduates from college next year. I asked why he wouldn’t live with us. My dad explained that Casey will be 21 years old when he graduates, which is when humans become adults. Human adults, he went on to say, are expected to support themselves and live away from home. 

I will turn five in October and will be a canine adult. Does that mean I will have to find a job and live alone? It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t always live with my mom, dad, and Casey. 

I don’t know how to make money, shop for food and leashes, and make vet appointments. Why wasn’t I told this earlier so I could have better prepared for my adult years? 


Dear Claude, 

Hold on. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Turning five for most canines means they will switch to adult dog food, regular vet appoint­ments, and a spoonful of castor oil now and then to keep things moving. 

You may not be as physically agile or remember as much as you did in your earlier years. So, I suggest you start working on activities to keep mentally sharp, such as puzzles and documentaries that make you think. 

Have you thought about taking up a hobby? Spotty learned to make paw print cards and mugs. Now, he sells them for a few bucks a week to support his Modern Dog and Bark Box subscriptions.  

Best, Frankie

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