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Dear Frankie: Halloween

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

My kid brother Herbie is four years old and a good kid. He has had more than his share of hospi­tali­za­tions in his short life be­cause of a chronic illness.

When he is well, my family is committed to making his life as normal and pleasant as possible. Last week, Herbie asked me if I would be his partner in the Halloween Parade. I immediately said yes before I asked what he had in mind for costumes. Then he told me Mom had agreed to groom him as a lamb, not a stretch since he is a poodle, and make me a Bo Peep Costume. I am an eight-year-old male. 

I don’t want to disappoint the kid, but I also don’t want to be the laughingstock of my friends at school. How can I get out of this gracefully? 


Dear Slink, 

How about explaining to your mother how embarrassing it would be for you to be Bo Peep and asking her if she would be willing to take your place? You could also add that you would be happy to be a shepherd or a lamb. 

If that doesn’t work, you might have to keep your word and get the message out at school that you lost a bet to Herbie, and he decided you would be Bo Peep in the parade. 

Another option is to feign illness on the day of the parade. I don’t recommend you do this, as guilt has a way of messing with your head. 

Best, Frankie

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