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Veterans Corner: Youthful Voices Brings Tears & Pride to Service

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By Dorothy Meindok

The Post Newspaper Veterans Consultant

It’s VETERANS DAY WEEKEND and I hope everyone has been enjoying the celebrations.

Don’t forget, Friday was the United States Marine Corps’ 248th Birthday! Happiest Birthday to the Few, The Proud- OUR MOST INCREDIBLE MARINES! If you know or see a Marine- be sure to wish them a belated happy birthday! 

This past Thursday I was invited to a Galveston County elementary school choral celebration honoring United States veterans by a vocalist that is very special to me, as his honored guest.  I have to say, these mighty little Americans just blew me away and after they overfilled my American veteran heart with patriotic love and understanding about what veterans, military, first response and Veterans Day is all about, they added a deliberate moment to give every veteran in the audience a “Thank you for your service”. The tears began rolling in my gratitude because it is for them and their future, each and every one of them across this nation. They expertly sang Yankee Doodle Dandy, Grand Olde Flag, This Land is Your Land and others including our National Anthem. I told my favorite vocalist of the evening the truth when I revealed his concert topped that of Metallica. 

Seeing those many children, joined together in unity, understanding and kindness as they embraced United States historical facts and American traditions made me think more about the story I am working on bringing you about the importance of Chaplaincy, especially in the context of the military family. We love our all inclusive, love for all Chaplains for so many reasons. The story I am working on updates a Chaplain/Warrior moment that began over 50 years ago in Vietnam and extends itself via the heart of one of the local heroes. I’m interviewing the Chaplain in the upcoming week and can’t wait to share this incredible story with you. So, stay tuned. 

Until then, enjoy the rest of this celebratory Veterans Day weekend, be safe and be kind! 

HAPPY VETERANS DAY BROTHERS & SISTERS- Thank you for earning the uniform and your heartfelt service behind it. DDM 

Attorney Dorothy Meindok, Esq.

Dorothy Meindok is The Post Newspaper’s Veterans Consultant. Ms. Meindok served her nation in the United States Navy and is currently a practicing lawyer advocating for our nation’s veterans. Her column appears on Sundays.

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