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Dear Frankie: When Life Interrupts Your Plans

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

My mom told me she was about to have surgery and would be out of commission for several weeks. She said the doctor told her she would be on bed rest and couldn’t drive. 

This means she won’t be able to take me to the dog park, go on hikes, or stop at McDonald’s on the way home for Chicken McNuggets. 

I understand that Mom needs to rest after her operation, but don’t you think she should hire someone to take her place while she is laid up? 


Dear Sammy, 

If anyone needs to be hired, it should be someone to take care of your mom while she is recovering. Healing from an operation can be both painful and exhausting. What do I think? 

You should stop moaning about how your routine will be disrupted. The last thing your mother needs is to be worrying about you and your schedule. 

Take this time to show her how much you care and appreciate all she does for you by being caring, supportive, and available at her beck and call. 

There is no greater high than doing the right thing and showing the best of who you are. 

Best, Frankie

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