by Brandon Williams
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Sheriff Stallman:
I read in the HOUSTON CHRONICLE this past week about a woman being indicted and charged with 41counts of animal cruelty in your county on property located in Sweeny, Texas. As reported, it’s taken your department since January 2023 when this cruelty was first revealed until now to be investigated and warrants issued. I am concerned about why these legal matters
do not also include YOU and EVERYONE ELSE IN YOUR DEPARTMENT. For it to have taken more than a couple of hours
for you or anyone else in your department to have determined 40+ cows were dead or dying from the lack of access to water, and more so because those same folks are supposedly trained officers of the law whose territorial responsibility Is primarily rural in nature, is absolutely UNBELIEVEABLE! As an elderly woman with some naturally caused reduction of sight and sense of smell, I’m certain I could have made a faster judgment, which are all the skills this situation even required. You will note I omitted sense of hearing on purpose because I’m sure 41 thirsty cows didn’t just stand around silently waiting to die.
I sincerely hope your constituents will remember this really, really sad event should you ever again decide to seek election or reelection for this or any other office, ……. unless it happens this type of mentality and attitude toward animals is contagious in
your part of the world! Cynthia Anne Manders, who owned the cattle, should count her blessings that I’m not the sheriff
or a judge in Brazoria County, for if I was, her current indictments would only be a drop in her life’s bucket.
Carol J. Rhodes

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