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Teddy Bears Ride Along for Children

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor

When responding to calls involving children, La Marque Police Officer Kellie Stanford hands out stuffed animals. Giving in this way has become part of her routine. 

Now Community Policing Officer Stanford has taken the idea up a notch. All La Marque’s police cars will come equipped with official teddy bears. 

“During times of stress and anxiety as a result of a vehicle crash, family violence event, injury and/or criminal event, children urgently need a means of reducing fear and stress,” explained La Marque Police Chief Randall Aragon. “The teddy bears are meant to be a kind of emotional shock absorber.”

Most recently, Officer Stanford recalls a family dispute-call involving a young child who was upset and couldn’t stop crying. 

“As soon as we gave her the teddy bear, she stopped crying and was smiling and playing with the teddy bear,” Stanford said.

 La Marque Police Department (LMPD) officers have been instructed that if they arrive at a call, and a child ten years old and under is in distress, they should give that child a teddy bear.

Each police car will carry two teddy bears for delivery to children when needed. The bears wear navy blue shirts with La Marque Police badges printed in white on the front. When a bear has been given away, Stanford will make sure the car is equipped with another bear.

Traumatic events can have long-term negative effects, and founder of Pinnacle of Purpose Counseling and Consulting, Pearl Bryant LCSW-S is pleased with the LMPD’s newest program. 

“It’s an amazing idea. It will help with the child’s schema from the event,” Bryant said. “For instance, if it was a car accident, the child might have a hard time getting into a car again because their brain will cause them to automatically get tense. But with the teddy bear added, then they will also have the memory of the soft stuffed animal in their schema of the event, so it will help to reshape and redefine the memory for the child.”

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