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Very early in my working life, I was sent to a Tony
Robbins seminar. He talked about leadership and the
qualities that effective – not necessarily strong and not
necessarily “successful” – truly effective, leaders have in
common. I was impressed by his list as I had just been
reading Robert Fulgum’s “All I Really Need To Know I
Learned in Kindergarten” and I was finding affirmations
for what my father had been telling me I needed to understand
to move through the world causing as little harm
and spreading as much hope as I could.
Not long ago I was able to sit down with Mayes
Middleton to talk with him about his run for office and
what his motivations were that brought him to this place
in his life. Right off the bat he said that his frustration with
the current political climate and the lack of actual community
interaction was a big part of it. Mayes is President
of his family business, running not only the family oil
business but their cattle, ranching and farming interests
as well and is accustomed to addressing problems, finding
solutions, and acting on them.
Mayes believes strongly in community involvement
and is known for his charitable contributions. Believing
that giving financially is not enough, Mayes generously
gives of his time and expertise by serving on the
Board of First Liberty National Bank, Chambers County
Museum, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Empower
Texans & Texas Business Leadership Council. He is also
Secretary of the Chambers County Republican Party &
co-founder of Chambers County Ethical Government
Board. A strong proponent of family values, immigration
reform, property tax relief, fiscal responsibility and in
every position he takes, he is tempered by the will of the
people, the importance of ethics in all things and being a
strong and assertive voice of the people he represents.
When asked “ Why do you continue to write?” Robert
Fulghum said, “Often, without realizing it, we fill important
places in each other’s lives. It’s that way with the guy
at the corner grocery, the mechanic at the local garage,
the family doctor, teachers, coworkers, and neighbors.
Good people who are always “there” who can be relied
upon in small, ordinary ways. People who, by example,
teach us, bless us, encourage us, support us, uplift us
and the daily-ness of life. I want to be one of those.
You may be one of those, yourself, There are those
who depend on you, watch you, learn from you, are
inspired by you and count on you being in their world.
You may never have proof of your importance to them
but you are more important than you may think. There
are those who couldn’t do without you. The rub is that
you don’t always know who. We seldom make this mutual
influence clear to each other. But being aware of the
possibility that you are useful in this world is the doorway
into assuring that will come to be true. My way is to keep
writing What’s yours?”
Mayes Middleton’s way is to care for his community;
to stand up for his conservative values, work to educate
and inspire others, and to move through this world standing
up to those who would cause harm and bringing hope
to the guy at the corner store, the mechanic, teacher,
family doctor, and neighbors; to be a good person who
can be relied upon in the small, ordinary ways that really
Editor’s Note: The Post Newspaper invites all candidates to
reach out to us so that we may share your views, positions,
accomplishments and reasons for running for office. The Post
does not support any particular party or candidate, policy or
position. To schedule an interview, contact us at 409-943-
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