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Jordan’s leadership a asset for La Marque’s progress


By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor

David Jordan, the new Assistant City manager of La Marque, has an easy-going manner with a smile that he shares freely. But don’t let his easy-going presentation fool you: he is watching over the people of La Marque and knows when to draw down his smile and bring on the authoritative leadership required for his position. 

Jordan was hired in late 2020 to manage the police and fire departments of La Marque. He comes to the table with a lifetime of experiences which have prepared him for the role. 

Jordan served 25 years in the United States Air Force. He had numerous deployments to combat zones, and in 2011 he was part of the last troops in Iraq. On that final tour, he ran the base operations and security.

 In 2007 his job on deployment was to train Iraqi police officers. That was interrupted when the conflict escalated. His job then became the gruesome task of supervising the identification of Iraqi casualties. 

Jordan retired from the military in 2014 and began life as a civilian. Since his military retirement, he has held positions as a city council member, mayor pro tem, and city manager. 

One of his jobs after retirement was working for the South Texas Alliance for Orphans. He facilitated connecting churches with non-profit foster care services. He has a passion for children in foster care, which stems from his own childhood experiences. 

Born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Fort Knox, Jordan’s childhood was spent living in foster homes. 

“My grandma did not approve of her 15-year-old daughter having a baby.” Jordan said. “So, I was placed in foster care as a newborn.”

During his childhood, he was shifted around to five different families, but most of his time was spent with one family. With the father of the household being an alcoholic, Jordan learned to maneuver around the perils of alcoholism. He describes his foster mother as being an angel and the one who gave him the most support when he joined the Air Force.

In high school, Jordan was a member of the drumline, held a job at a local grocery store, joined the volunteer fire department and became a certified EMT. He participated in his foster family’s farming activities, chopping firewood and helping with their crops. 

His first job out of high school was a bank courier and running a printing press. Though he moved up quickly in his job, he recognized there was no real future, so he signed up with the Air Force. 

Jordan was assigned to the military police division of the Air Force. While in the military he completed his bachelor’s degree. His military career was capped off with being a part of writing Air Force military police policies and procedures and providing force protection guidance to more than 25,000 security forces members.  Currently Jordan is working on a Master’s in Public Administration.

Assessing the police department of La Marque for areas of improvement is a significant part of his position. To begin the assignment, he is working to bring new levels of community engagement with first responders to the La Marque community via programs such as Coffee with Cops and Neighborhood Watch. 

He intends to have officers attend HOA meetings for the neighborhoods they patrol and other community activities so that the police department knows the citizens and the citizens know their officers. 

Jordan is feeling pleased with his new role. “The people of La Marque have been very welcoming to me and overall, they support law enforcement.” 

Plus, he likes living near the coast. “I love driving down to Galveston and walking on the beach, and I love fishing,” added Jordan. 

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