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By Richard Tew NASA/JSC Correspondent for The Post Newspaper

If you have ever wanted to take a look inside the goings on of the Johnson Space Center, you will soon get your chance.

To commemorate both 65 years of JSC and nearly 25 years since the International Space Station has been in orbit, JSC will host an open house, which will be free to the public.  The event will be held Saturday October 14 with gates opening at 9 a.m. and closing at 2:30 p.m.

On tap for visitors will be displays, discussions and presentations, along with other space center-related activities for visitors of all ages.  There will also be mock-ups of the ISS, the Orion Spacecraft along with other educational exhibits.  

JSC director Vanessa Wyche says this is the first open house event in five years.  She says there will be activities for every age group and she wants to remind the public all are welcome at JSC.

“A lot of people are not aware of what we do every day.  I want folks to know this is their space center,” said Wyche.  “It belongs to all of us.”  

Wyche says  visitors can learn more about current missions NASA is working on including the upcoming Artemis II mission around the Moon. Continued research onboard the ISS, along with the future Gateway project which will serve as a hub/docking station in Lunar orbit for spacecraft traveling to the Moon.    

“As we celebrate NASA’s 65th anniversary, Johnson Space Center has played a key role in leading human space exploration and has been a part of the vibrant Houston community for nearly six decades,” said Vanessa Wyche, director of Johnson Space Center. “While the past 60 years represent the best of our country and the height of American ingenuity, the talented, dedicated, and diverse team here in ‘space city’ Houston is excited about the next chapter in spaceflight as we work to launch humans farther into the solar system.”

According to a news release from JSC about the open house, the public wanting to come visit should be aware that “No Pets are allowed (unless certified service dog). No firearms, weapons, or ammunition (includes license to carry) are allowed. No coolers, food, or beverages (including alcohol) are allowed. Motorcycle helmets are required on NASA property.”

The Johnson Space Center is located at 2101 NASA Parkway.  Learn more at www.nasa/gov.  

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Johnson Space Center director Vanessa Wyche welcomes the public to an open house at JSC Saturday, October 14 to commemorate both the space center’s 65th year and the ISS’s 25th year anniversary.  The Johnson Space Center is located at 2101 NASA Parkway. 

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