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Recently Texas City had a Town Hall Meeting on the Opioid
Crisis presented by The Texas City Police Department. Since
coming to Texas City, I have noticed a strong push by TXPD
to provide educational opportunities to the community. Coordinating
experts to address issues affecting other parts of our
country is a practice not often seen in many communities and
to see, consistently, numerous opportunities for our citizens
to come together to hear experts on subjects like the Opioid
Crisis and not too long ago, Preparing for Active Shooter Attacks
in response to the attack on the church in Sutherland
Springs Texas.
Not long ago we covered a Garden Club meeting where
one of Texas City’s finest presented a program to the members
on Cybercrime and the ways criminals are taking advantage
of those of us less savvy online travelers and get us to
part with our money, our identities, and sometimes our safety.
When I began to look into where this program of Preventive
Empowerment through Public Education had come to be, I
immediately found that although at least 50% of Police Chiefs
have an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree, we seem to have
gotten a Chief that thrived on studying law enforcement since
he got out of high school. With multiple Associate Degrees,
a Bachelors and Masters Degree, untold numbers of training
programs with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Northwestern
Traffic Institute, and University of Louisville as well
as ongoing seminars in various aspects of law enforcement.
When doing our series on our police officers, I noticed a pattern
with them as well. All had multiple training certificates and
areas of expertise from the FBI and other organizations.
So now it seems clear. When our leaders are curious; when
they believe in the power of knowledge; when they feel a commitment
to share the knowledge they acquire, we benefit as a
community. We are fortunate to have an organization like the
Texas City Police Department that commits itself to education
through Town Hall meetings, through programs like The
Explorers for young people interested in law enforcement,
through Citizen Police Academy, empowering and educating
and creating a better understanding of what the police can
do and why they do things, to foster better cooperation and
communication with the community, and offer volunteer opportunities
to those who attend the course.
The Texas City Police Department is currently taking applications
for the next Citizens Police Academy Course. The
course is a window into the operations of the Texas City Police
Department for citizens who are interested in how their
police department serves their community. The course includes
information on state laws, local ordinances, police
procedures, special units, court systems and proceedings,
and the cooperative efforts with other city departments such
as Emergency Management and the Fire Department. Other
cooperating agencies are represented by presentations from
the Auto Crimes Task Force, Joint Terrorism Task Force,
Galveston County District Attorney’s Office, and others when
available. For more information on the Explorer Program or
CPA contact Cpl. Tim Herd, (409) 643-5722 ext. 2719.

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