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As many of you may know, who are FB friends with me or any other social media, know that I have just gone through one of the biggest changes of my life. On April 22nd 2018, I walked down the aisle and said “I Do” to my best friend LaShelle Amey. And even though it is a big change, it is proving to be the best
change. She has a heart for Jesus and she loves people. And not only that, she is very beautiful. So on a short note, life is great. I know some of you may be reading this article today and you are happy that I found someone to “do life” with; settle down, and promote the Kingdom Of God with. But on the inside, you are hurting very badly and saying “It sure must be nice”. You may be
going through a change yourself; but not the type of change you would like for it to be. Change is never comfortable; whether it is for the good or the bad, but
when things need to grow, or things need to be let go of, there has to be change somewhere. I can remember when I was going to trial for my gun charge back in 2008, one of the arresting officers came outside as I was out there waiting for a verdict. He walked up to me and said something to me that I will never forget. He looked me right in the eye and said, “If nothing changes, then nothing changes.” I am very far away from the man that I once was. Bit by bit, person by person, minute by minute, day by day, I focused on surrounding myself with the things that could inspire me and motivate me to make those changes. I knew if I wanted to be who God called me to be then I would have to make a lot of changes in my life and in the way I was doing things. Small changes would be enough to get me through the day at first – eating healthy, exercising, reading, studying, and heeding God’s word – until they became a way of life. Then they became the things that allowed me to make the bigger changes. You may be at a crossroad right now wondering what you should do, which way you should go, and my advice to you is this – You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. At some point, you are going to have to change and try something different. Change can be overwhelming when it seems like everything is crashing down on you. But I promise you, even a small change for the better is
worth it because it will lead to the next good thing, and the next and the next.
So where do you start? Often, the most important things we need to change are simple; look at the people around you, the places where you spend your time and the things you fill your life with . If they are not positive and inspiring you to believe in yourself, to do good works, and bring joy and meaning into your
life then that my friend, is where you need to start. Sometimes, the change that we need to make is sitting right in front of us and we are too worried about
what people may say or think and we look up five years later and we are still in the same place. So my encouragement is if it is for the better, believe you can
make the change. You will thank yourself later. Be The Change You Want To See

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